Someone got suspended at St Paul (Cannot verify source)


thats too petty of a university. do they even admit other religions in the university. thats if the letter os not fake.

Hii just sue them

Look for this Top lawyer and sue the shit out of them …:smiley:


umeffii lazima alinyandulia dean dem . so fee inakumywa woyes hivo

Watu wali attend Daystar,Nazarene,Baraton,Strathmore pia walikuwa wanatishiwa na stairo hio hio.

A church institution is governed by the same code of conduct that governs the affiliate church.

Terms and conditions apply, kama huwezi enda UoN ama the various other public universities.


Must be a Ktalker undertaking a BSc Nyandua degree (dry fry option)

yaani kunyanduana is such a sin that requires counselling?:meffi:

Hehe, na VC ni Galgalo.