Someone confirm this about Lesotho


leave the trees and let them live

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Wekelea upate za weekend.


Upuss inaanzia hapo Kwa a sack of maize bla bla bla then sack of weed. Izo Walisema wakiwa Kwa base ya mogoks.

Kojolea kwa karai ukunywe, meffi



If I had a country of my own. Drugs like cocaine would be sold at a pharmacy. Laikini ukipatikana hospitalini with drug related complications unafukuzwa. You take the drugs at your own risk.

How beautiful those plants are;)

Tis true

Sep. 13, 2017 05:15PM EST

[SIZE=6]Lesotho Just Granted Africa’s First Legal Marijuana License[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Lesotho’s Ministry has granted the South African medical company Verve Dynamics an official license for the cultivation of marijuana.[/SIZE]

Lesotho’s Ministry of Health just granted South African medical company, Verve Dynamics, an official license for the cultivation of marijuana for medical and scientific purposes—making it the first marijuana production company on the continent to have been given administrative approval.

Cannabis is already Lesotho’s primary cash-crop. It’s mountainous terrain, experienced farmers, and cooperative government puts the country in a unique position to lead the continent’s industry, reports Konbini. About 70 percent of South Africa’s marijuana is generated in Lesotho, and th

Kuna air lesotho by any chance huko jkia? Visa requirements[SIZE=1]? Asking for a friend…i swear[/SIZE]

Hehehe. Ni karibu tena ni hapa chini kwa map ukipanda skateboard unashuka tu.


Hata Swaziland grows a lot of weed. The variant is known as swazi gold.

Siku hizi sivuruti…naweka kwa chai.