Someone answer me this.

Here is the website for the Kenyan government announcing something to the public you could read the contents yourself. Anyway my question is, why the fuck is it in English? Why can’t they report all news in Swahili. From the Kenyan government to the Kenyan courts going all the way down to the local news reporter all address the general public in English. Do kenyans speak English more than Swahili? If not then Why is everything in English? Tanzania and Uganda certainly don’t have this issue.

We can speak anything Mr Nyerere.

It is because the people whom they are working for, generally communicate in English. That is why during campaigns, they speak Swahili. The people who vote, generally speak Swahili.

The system only understands English.
Even in public meetings, rallies and gatherings, when Uhuru, Ruto and Raila want to say something for the attention of the international community they usually switch to English even when addressing a predominantly Kenyan audience.

Kiswahili sanifu ni ngumu ! Ever tried reading taifa leo you will stop after the 1st sentence !

This needs to change. If everything is being addressed in their mother tongue, people will feel secure and proud of their countrymen. They’ll have better self esteem. This may sound ridiculously out of scope but I feel like it may even give the working man the confidence to fight the white, Indian and Chinese foreigners who are trying to abuse them in their own country because going back to point one, everything is addressed in their mother tongue which means they’ll know the basic laws of what they could do against a foreigner stepping their boundaries. Yes I’ve seen a lot of videos showing Kenyans being abused by a foreigner. They don’t know the law, they thing they’ll lose their job or be arrested for defending themselves.

The Kenyan English speakers don’t vote and then blame the government (which speaks to them in English) when things go south…

The Kenyans who speak English rarely complain. They have all their stash in Mauritius and share with Uhuru the rare wine. They can afford to send 10,000,000 KES to a Uhuru like conman.