Somebody Teach Mutahi Kagwe!

The CS health says of the first Covid-19 victim in Kenya; " She has given us all the names of persons she has been in contact with". Really! Contact tracing for fomites and droplet infection is not approached exactly in that manner! That works for sexually transmitted diseases where patients disclose “recipients and donors of body fluids”, Ha ha ha. We are talking here about about proximity and inanimate contacts too! Just an example, can she remember all she touched and who touched them after her? Never! Hey, you are not to blame anyway. Blame your handlers. I take a break!

I hear she travelled to ushago in Kitale using public means.

Kwisa maneno

I would definitely remember if she touched me if you know what I mean

Wafanyi kazi kwa Sacco karibu wote passengers na familia zao… :confused:

Nilipanda zile ‘farasi’ za kiambu,mimi kwisa:confused::confused:o_Oo_O



According to Nyakundi Colona Vailas ni scam, CSI kazi kwenyu!!!