Somebody explain this to me

Now, Kisumu is CORD’s homeground. The audience at the day would have been 100% CORD. How do you boycot your own function - A golden chance to explain to your constituents what is going on with your development agenda. Who is CORD proving the point to in Kisumu?


Hallooooo that was not a cord function my friend

Reads president’s speech!! Hio tuu answers yr question mungich

[QUOTI t=“Jirani, post: 478717, member: 1341”]Reads president’s speech!! Hio tuu answers yr question mungich

And Yet i thought this is one of your handles…

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these things are optional wacheni kulazimisha watu na vitu.
Kuna talker niliona hapa amecatch ati juu unye aliinvite raila nax na Raila akalenga… Seriously guys need to get a life.

Blaze =Jirani=Gay

The governor was spotted in uhuru park.

at least nyinyi waluyha mko na akili,kama raila akiwa president akina kabogo wakatae kumuheshimu cordomites mtasikia aje?it was a national holiday sio jubilee kampeini


watu wana sabotage kenya nikama wao si wakenya


Have you tried putting yourselves in their shoes anyway? Like the police shot three innocent protesters, plus some other people who were minding their own business… Just a number of people who were not looting or participating in illegal activities… If you scour around the interwebs, you will see the photo of a dead woman who has a bullet hole on the forehead. Then you expect them to go, sit and listen to one of the guys who is part of the security committee that decided that protesters should be shot? Are you being honest with yourself?

These actions have the marking of a govt that is full of erros and falls prey easily to the politics of the day. In all sincerity, we are all going about this IEBC issue in a childish way, and the casualty will be the country, not only Luos and Kikuyus.

uko na damu kidogo ya wajaluo,sijawahi kutana na mluyha anapenda wajaluo

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nimezoea kuambiwa hizo. Ile time nilikuwa natetea wasee wa Malindi @Dunya alianza kusema natoka huko. I’m immune to that. My baby mama is half luo, so does that make it close enough? Hehehehehehehe.

@Wakanyama nilihama cord courtesy of @Supu don, Mukhwasi vita na mimi iishe.

Mimi najua kesho lazima watu wataoga kwa lazima baada ya kulia na nyahunyo itatembea kwa mwili ya watu

kesho shemeji usisamehee,orengo na muthama wakule kiboko lakini babu asinguzwe ni uzee inamusumbua

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You are either very stupid or do not know the meaning of “innocent”, if you are referring to those stone-throwing goons. Otherwise, you’re a cordmoron.


Picketing, rioting and looting are different things. Who has the energy to police you looting goons forever? In the name of Picketing. How do you honestly carry stones to picket? Against armed policemen, and knowing very well the GK is the sole custodian of violence? You will go home injured if not dead and you are stupid. Please keep off issues you don’t really comprehend, coz you are just being used. I will not endanger my life in the name of UMK, however much I like his politics. I love my life, simple.

No one can come up with anything intelligent enough?