some wrongs in davidos latest songs
HKN boss and OBO Davido has dropped some real hot singles lately…From Dodo to Olamide collaborated track “The Money”. I, as a strong fan didn’t miss to notice some shits in this song.

I especially loves Davido and have been hoping that he grows/matures lyrically but this seems far from happening. Davido keeps coming up with weak and premature words and dictions. I don’t know if you do pay attention to his words, if you don’t, please try to do this once.
Catch every word in his songs and compare. Now to my point:
***from his newest songs which I have been playing repeatedly, it didn’t miss my ear the poor production and uninteresting instrumentals. What? He said its “kiddominant” what ever that means but I think he is far from the production zone. He just plays the “knack knack knack” and that’s all!! Even have Davido’s voice so much above the instrumental pitch that you can’t get to enjoy the wack beat…lolz.
****how about Davido’s lyrics?? I mean he ain’t a rapper but atleast he should be able to write “atleast” sensible lines" Haaa! He is 5years in the industry!!
I don’t want to quote lines but please download the Dodo track and listen well. He should do something abeg!!!