Some women Truly deserve less




Modern educated women are the scum of the earth…woe unto you if you think you can domesticate them

those are normal prostitutes, why should they deserve less?
mwanaume akikuwa blind, apende malaya, makosa ni yake sio ya mwanamke, adeal na ujinga wake, sio kupenda malaya halafu mnaanza kusema wanawake wanadeserve less

These are not hoes these is your average chiq in the office. You wouldn’t suspect shiet.


Wanakuja…in 3…2…

Omba Mungu usidosike while ur in simpshit mode…that mode blinds u to redflags…in today’s world something as elementary as someone not picking ur call at 9pm is enough hint tht u huyo ni kunguru,ati ohh,i was asleep siku ilikuwa silent mode(on a weekend!),…in short kaa macho…have the same mentality you apply when crossing tom mboya st. on weekday at 11am…caution, red alert…its ur wallet(and health) ur protecting.


Leta summary nani ako na huo muda wa kusoma hio takataka yote?

some fwb of mine told me ako na body count ya 29. let me just say I am not hitting it tena.

Watoelewa tu. I always say you never know the history of the woman you marrying.

People only change physically; like their dress code, they stop going to clubs etc but internally if a person is used to variety expecting them to stick to one person for even just 7 years is a joke.

Today marriage to a man is a matter of luck.

Bonobos really place too much emphasis on sex.

Sasa shida iko wapi.
Wacha watu wajibambe.
Mta police watu mpaka lini?

I guess we all have our sexual fantasies and curiosities, and at times, actually most of the times, it’s unfortunate that our significant others can’t meet these expectations, and largely because we aren’t in a position to express these fantasies and curiosities freely to our partners.
That leaves us vulnerable to that other person who is freely willing to fulfill those fantasies. For instance, if your wife want her arse ate, and She knows, that will never happen at home, and that guy at work or wherever is offering, why will she not go for it ?

It is important to determine if you are sexually compatible before engaging in a long term entanglement.

ukweli tu wa mungu , CJASOMA


Judging women because of their sexual choices is the most ignorant and primitive behavior any man or society can have. Why do you find it so disturbing yet it is ok for men.

My personal opinion is we all live once, we all came on this earth alone and will each depart on their own time, we are all human beings with free will. Social norms can suck my dick.

Let the girls do whatever the fuck they want to do and as a man make sure you do whatever the fuck you want to do.