Some Women are fucked up!!!

Hello Kenyatalkers,

Last I updated my life story here I got a lot of positive feedback. Due to the ongoing coronavirus maenenos, economy imekuwa mbaya so I took your advise and pressed on with life and started doing some IT freelancing. Things picked kidogo since I was also learning from freelancing job of creating websites and Social media mambo. My wife hooked me up with a project in her company as an IT consultant that commenced in July till November. I was not getting paid well but paid the general Rent and food. I managed to finish all the projects assigned on time and even went to the extent of using the time to perfect their client’s website and train one of their staff. I happened to inform my wife about the job I had applied for and successfully went through an interview in a very big NGO which I was sure was the job was mine and was my way out of 2020 problems. let me tell you what I saw kwa email yangu leo asubuhi.

see attached.

Guys advise what do i do coz sasa ninanoa panga for use. WTF do these women want!!! pressure ati sina pesa and when am about to omoka that happens. Please learn for me jua ule unaita bibi if they have the best interest of you. Also always politely ask HR why you didn’t qualify. you might be shocked what is making you not get that dream job. Ni wale wako either in your CV or someone who you bank on.

Why would you suspect her?

I don’t understand, how sure are you that it’s the wife who sabotaged you? A rule to always remember; do not count your eggs till chicks hatch, and most importantly, do not tell women your plans. This bitches can get very jealous at times because they are well aware that the richer you are, the more choices you have when it comes to women.

Pole. Things could have gone worse. I know of a woman who came to the office and beat up a woman who was newly employed in an organization because her husband had borrowed a DVD (as in, a movie disc) from her. Turns out the woman who was beaten up was the CEO’s niece. He lost his job. Keep your presence on the social media to a minimum. And also avoid social media whores while you are at it.

Why… Ama wacha tu, wanaume wengine pia nao wanatosha kufanyiwa hii upuzi

because I told her and did not inform anyone in her firm.

Well what will you do next knowing your woman is actively involved in cutting you down to her size

That’s some cold shit there. Wish you best of luck.

Such content is therauptical for a single guy like me.

The fact that you take everything to social media is the problem

true but afadhali mimi kuliko mtu ananyamazia then it builds up then kabooom news za 7pm, mwanaume mmoja was umri was mwaka … . Again this is a reminder that learn from other people. point 3 you don’t know me I don’t know you so I need just advice, maybe this is common ama ni mimi najionea na kucheza hii sinema peke yangu. kama huna advice I also appreciate also your comment.

that’s what am trying to figure out. this 2o2o is full of shit.

I think you know what you need to do, personally I have zero tolerance for betrayal.

You dont need to marry a woman to learn some things. I have seen an apparently single guy wake up while being carried and getting loaded on to police car. Alikuwa amepewa mchele.

Contact the organization concerned and inform them with evidence that you indeed worked as a consultant. Provide bills of payments, invoices ETC. inform them that it is the work of a spiteful friend who wishes to hold you down. Wataelewa, they have degrees in human resources

i did so ata

I did exactly that later with contracts, reports, and slips. I felt like giving up initially since it came as a shock to me. sikuamini what’s happening that’s y i initially left it at that.

Uko na watoto WA ngapi. Kama hakuna ingia mitini. Zima simu deactivate all your social media account. Ingia karura ama ufanye ngori upelekwe jela.

Pole sana. Next time jaribu kidogo you hide that hammer head with a hat during the interview.:slight_smile: You can tell them you have sensitive skin

Lakini, I still find it difficult to believe it is your spouse who threw you under the. Is there someone buying her lunch, and would like that you remain unemployed. Check that angle out


@Shiesty is this your alter ego? :smiley:

The only way your own wife would do this is if your relationship was in trouble in the first place. And it’s not worth it continuing with it.

If your marriage is not on the rocks, chances are she mentioned to someone who mentioned it to someone and word got out.