Hahaha…I’ve seen it too. You’ll laugh when you do.

leteni hekaya vile mlikuliwa bibi banae , msikufe na stress …

i agree 100 paracent , that’s life man

i don’t see anything i did anywhere… whatchu talkin bout ! just install zi app :cool:

nyinyi watu wa meffi ketini pale --------------------------- >>>>> mkule meffi yenyu…meffi nyinyi

wtf is this

Dude, the past isn’t real. I have grown up with a lot of buddies but now I kind of regret it. The amount of benchmarking, outdoing each other is insane. Even comparing each other kids grades. Every time sijui nani amenunua new ride and so forth. It’s like we are locked in a vicious circle of competition. Halafu bibi anaweka pressure coz hataki kuwa low on the pecking order.

that’s natural when a people are in a group …anyways , don’t you consider them a critical part of your social circle ? a very important role kikiumana