I installed an app juzi about ‘the bro code’ and i realised that some men are very unlucky . for instance , a man with great friends is lucky but if you have childhood friends very close to you right now [SIZE=5][FONT=book antiqua]you are very blessed[/FONT][/SIZE] , treasure hio relationship coz that’s your brother , dna ndio different tu .

Mimi i lost touch with all the guys i knew before 18 coz my mzee was being transferred around the continent , my mzee is a very senior army man . i’ve met some of my old buddies and it was awesome lakini we didn’t vibe vizuri , they are literally different people banae .

The guys i know saa hii wanaezakukulia bibi ukienda msalani bana , wengine hawana vision or wako busy . Bro code nowadays is non existent banae , the respect an old relationship comes with is loyalty , they will literally cry with you kikiumana , i wish i had that …do you have a childhood buddy ? Thank him hapa chini kwa thread :
[SIZE=6][U]Link to app ----->>>>>[/U][/SIZE]

Nice marketing

it’s not marketing bana , mimi ni a measly peasant with no digital background …

well done!


wewe say something about your friends , don’t you have very close childhood friends banae

wako but wengine hawajijui…some are very well up, wengine wanakutamani muoane after kukataa, in short different statuses

kwani you only talk to your female friends pekee… ufisi itakuuwa

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Bro code is rare if at all, then again a man ought to keep his head on a swivel.

nowaday wanaume hawana dignity ,…wengi ni betamales kama @Motokubwa na bibi yake @uwesmake

weuwe elder…nah…what do you eat …a greek food… re-read again…the statement applies both genders

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Dignity huwes kosa kwa mahustler wawili watatu ivi, hii life ni kutema vitemeo na ma~arif bandia kama taxin imejaa mabati

ukweli mtupu hapa

Umafwi thread


This isn’t a bad place to meet & make buddies like that. No woman no cry…go listen to that by Bob Marley… ‘good friends we’ve met, good friends we’ve lost’…‘everything’s gonna be alright’…

I mean, you like some here better than many you meet daily! I know I do.

Mimi hapantambua brocode, all the friends that I’ve had so far have been a liabilty. Kazi ni kukopa doh na hawarudishi, sampuli kama hii naweza watombea wanawake wao vibaya sana

Bro code siku hizi ni imaginary kama hekaya za ktalk. Najua beshte yangu fulani ambaye bibi yake alikuwa anamangwa na his two closest friends banaye. Yaani ndume zimekosa loyalty ile mbaya mbovu.

I saw what you did there :cool:

Thank you Donald Trump for being my childhood friend. God bless you/.