Some thoughts on this Switch TV episode on betting in Kenya

Some conclusions:
[li]People bet on sports for two reasons: 1) entertainment (as a pastime), and 2) profit (to make money). For most bettors, it’s a mixture of both.[/li][li]For those who bet primarily for entertainment, well, that’s that.[/li][li]For those who bet primarily for profit…[/li][ul]
[li]The vast majority have fail to profit. They’ve lost far more than they’ve ever won. Some of these incompetent bettors sell sports betting tips and predictions. They are conmen/fraudster.[/li][li]An extremely small minority succeed in making a profit. Cumulatively, they’ve won more than they’ve lost. Some of these highly skilled bettors sell sports betting tips and predictions. These are not fraudsters. They charge for sharing opinions based on their expertise, meaning they’re no different from, say, stockbrokers.[/li][/ul]
[li]For the small minority that profits[/li][ul]
[li]They rely on their predictive analytical skills, not knowledge in Premier League Football and other sports; they’re probably not soccer fans.[/li][li]They may still have solvency issues because predictive analysis and cash flow management are two mutually exclusive skills.[/li][li]In short, an even smaller minority make a meaningful livelihood from sports betting.[/li][/ul]
[li]Addictive as betting may be, I bet I can get miss Tamima addicted to my dick. Walai! #SureBet[/li][/ol]

Hii malaya ishazaa na ina bwana na bado inaonyesha wanaume mapaja on live Tv

Credit to switch TV though, it seems their viewership is increasing/

georgina makei is a member of staff here

Wale wanaume wanaenda kuattend show kama hii wanashida nyingi

Either that or they know exactly what they’re doing. Anyway, hapo siezi onekana.