Some things you just cant explain

Hakuna tofauti ya watu wa mark x na probox.
Sasa huyu alikuwa akienda ama anatoka wapi sasa.

Ni ma djinn za Mombasa

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And fombe in the mix and you lose all sense of judgement. I fishtailed once when drunk driving, lucky me there were no posts on the way… I just found the car in the direction I was driving from…

As my old man would say any time he thought the gang had tampered with his toys, “Boys, be very careful. A car has a mind of its own”! Sasa hiyo ilikuwa inatafuta nini hapo kwa poll (pole!) ya stima?

Hmmm…didn’t know you drive differently on wet surface. Nimezoea Isuzu Dmax and have never had a problem . Will be careful in future.