Some relief

Relief At Last .
Unga 2kgs now goes for 156/= from 230

Cooking gas 6kg & 13kg at 1k from 1800 & 2500 from 3500 respectively.

Cooking oil 1ltr goes for 200/= from 340/=

Sugar! Sugar! Sukari! Su-ka-ri…sugar sukari by Suju

Processers must allow competition sio mambo na subsidy za upuss

Really,jana nilinunua unga at 185,that is good news ,by the time narudi huko may be nitapata ikiwa 100b9b

Hauna unga ya ushago?

Mahindi iliisha,waiting for this year crop to dry properly for milling.

Niaje mzito…ni ZUCHU,sio SUJU.

This year harvest is being stolen by thieves from the shambas before harvest.
Was those sides during mashujaa n things are just bad.
Ppl r forced to remove maize from shambas before drying fully, then shell and dry from homes

Ama ni TUJU

True,we had to kohora ours and dry them from home,zinaibiwa kuibiwa buana

kohora…umenikumbusha mbali.mikohoro

This is true. I was a victim on the crop near the outer fences. Had to improve on that fence, send the dogs and guard there.

It was a blessing in disguise when unga prices shot up, in terms of health, but I guess the masses want what they want.

Freedom has come.


Good news

Wacha fake news.

Sugar = 380 bob


@Circledot wake up from your dream. Umekojoa sana