Some quality affordable phones for those of us who are allergic tecno, infinix and their ilk

Kama unajua keti pale---------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>_ uangalie watu wakichanuliwa.

Category one: Yesteryears flagships.

Each year, phone manufacturers update their flagships with minor updates to the existing phones. As we all know, flagships have killer specs and software features not readily available in other models of the manufacturer but that also means they are expensive. What of the previous year’s flagships? Well, as is the trend, prices tend to go down. So you have a flagship with good specs at a price you can afford, and best of all, manufacturer support and software updates are almost always guaranteed.

1. HTC One M7

4.7 inch 1080p screen
Quad core 1.7 Ghz processor
2 Gigs of RAM
32/64 Gigs internal mem
Came out with Jellybean, upgradable to Lollipop
4 megapixel (Google Ultrapixel if you want the complete breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of this camera. I think it’s superb for social media/light photography and shots that don’t require you to crop afterwards) with dual tone flash
Beats Audio with BoomSound speakers
Goes for $108 pare factory unlocked. If you know you’re way around unlocking carrier phones you can get it for way less.

2. HTC One M8

The successor to the beautiful one on above. This was supposed to be an upgrade to the M7 but pundits derided its cameras. Still a solid phone though.

5 inch 1080p screen
Quad Core 2.3/2.5 (Depending on where you get yours from)
2Gigs of RAM
16/32 Gigs internal mem
Came out with Kitkat, upgradable to Marshmallow
Dual 4mp cameras at the back (The first smartphone with dual camera setup. One for depth… TMI. Again, an ultrapixel camera just like the M7 before it with all the merits and demerits.)
Fast charging capable
BoomSound Speakers. There is a Harman Kardon version.

Pare amazon inapatikana na $169, factory unlocked, in the box.

  1. Sony Xperia Z2

Although I’ve never owned a Sony phone myself, I have great respect for them from the few days of interaction I’ve had with them. For a better perspective uliza @Deorro . Kila mtu hupenda vitu tofauti. Kuna wale wanapenda momo, wengine mifupaspective, mimi ni mfupaspective ako na nyama in the right places na mrefu hivi. Below 5’7" sikuoni. I hope you get my point. This is a beast even in next years budget standards.

5.2 inch 1080p screen
Quad core 2.3 Ghz
3 gigs of RAM
16 gigs internal mem
Came out with kitkat, upgradable to marshmallow
20.7 MP at the back (And we all know Sony sensors are the bomb.)
3200 mAh battery
Inapatikana pare amazon na $149 unlocked, in the box.

4. Sony z3

Not much difference from the Z2. Marginally faster processor, 32 gigs internal mem option

Inapatikana na $199 pare Amazon.

There is a z3+ with Octa-core (4x1.5 GHz & 4x2.0 GHz) and planned upgrade to Nougat, marginally smaller battery

5. Samsung S4

Hizi zimejaa kila mahali. You probably know a lot about it than I do.

5 inch screen
Octa-core (4x1.6 GHz & 4x1.2 GHz. For more on this, google big.LITTLE architecture to see how it works.)
2 gigs of RAM
16/32/64 gigs internal mem
Came out with Jellybean, upgradable to lollipop
13mp at the back
Inapatikana pare na $113

6. Samsung S5

You also probably know a lot more about this than I do. Talk of Samsung taking Toyota’s working principle in Kenya. (The phone in the pocket of the person sitting next to you is highly likely to be a samsung.)

5.1 inch 1080p
Quad core 2.5 Ghz
2 gigs of RAM
16/32 gigs internal mem
Came out with kitkat, upgradable to marshmallow
16mp rear camera.

Hii inapatikana pare amazon na $155.

Kwa maelezo zaidi kuhusu samsung, muone @snapdragon

7. Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)

For those of you who don’t like following the crowd, look for the best alternative companies have to offer, without unnecessary bloatware (the millions of apps pre-installed in the phone like samsung), vanilla android experience (everything is as it was, well almost, as it left Google servers) here’s your automatic go to. With a choice o different back covers to choose from, looking stylish with power could never be better. If I didn’t love and adore my HTC’s this would be it

5.2 inches 1080p
Quad core 2.5 Ghz
2 gigz of Ram
16/32 gigs internal mem. The At&t version has 64 gigz but you have to know you’re way about unlocking carrier locked phones. It doesn’t have a card slot (at least the one that was around)
Out the factory with Kitkat, upgradable to marshmallow
13mp rear camera.

Hii inapatikana pare amazon na $129

8. Nokia Lumia 930

I know not everyone is an Android fan. For the Windows enthusiasts, this is an amazing phone. Interacted with it a few times but it still wasn’t enough to convince me to ditch HTC/Android.

5 inch 1080p
Quad core 2.2 Ghz
2 gigs of RAM
32 gigs internal
Windows 8.1, promises of windows 10
20mp rear camera.

Inapatikana pare amazon na $160

Honourable mentions. (with software updates of course.)

These phones were not flagships but were meant to complement flagships. In my view, they are better than some of these flagships.

  1. Sony Z3 compact: 99% same specs as the Z3 apart from screen (4.7 inch 720p) and battery (2600mAh)

  1. HTC One E8: 99% same specs as M8 except for a 13mp camera at the back and only 16 gigs internal mem.

3. HTC one M8 (Windows): Exactly the same as the M8 for Android.

  1. HTC Desire Eye: Yes, it’s supposed to be the cream of the 2014/2015 budget Desire line from HTC but who are we kidding. 98% same specs as the M8 save for screen (5.2 inches and brighter), internal mem (16 gigs only), 13mp cameras at the front and back both with dual tone flash, and a plastic body. However, it is water (up to 1 meter and 30 mins) and dust proof, and the BoomSound speakers are hidden where glass meets the body. My current phone. Front camera ni Jazzwoman hutumia.

This list is by no means exhaustive. I was concentrating on big name flagships in this post and I will do other phones from other manufacturers and other lesser specced phones from these manufacturers as well in other posts. Feel free to add your own.

Disclaimer: For these prices, they are for carrier unlocked phones that are in a box (either new or refurbished) from Amazon. If you know your way around online shopping, you can get them for way less, especially those locked to a carrier and it may cost 1-3k to have them unlocked. Also depending on the condition of the phone that you want, the price may drop.

For shipping, you can install a Chrome/Firefox addon called from which will check out the product on your behalf while calculating shipping costs to give you the final price you will pay. Also, you can see @Kentex Cargo for shipping as well. Sijui kama @incognitus huwa anaship singular items.

The reason I chose to look online is because Kenyans have a habit of fleecing each other. Some of these phone bado utauziwa in the 30 and 40 thousands.

Naomba mniwie radhi pande ya Osungu. Ni njaa na Jazzwoman aliniambia nisiwe naingia jikoni

Edit: Majority of these phones use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets (600/800/801/805/810) The S4 uses an Exynos chipset which is highly comparable to Qualcomm chipsets, if not better.


Hauja weka One Plus 3 hapo


Hiyo itakuwa my next post. Flagship killers

  1. your topic is misleading
  2. how “affordable” are those htcs and sony z’s…unless kama meaning ya affordable ili change

kiulizio, hizi ni refurbs ama mpya?

Wa viatu, take an example of that htc m7 at $108


Now, this is the price of the phone without digging for discounts or cheaper sites. At 10k, you get a flagship from a company that used to call itself High Technology Company (and lived up to the name). Which flagship can you get for 10k?

  1. Nimeweka prices hapo from Amazon and possible ways to get discounts. At an average of 15k, isn’t that the same price of what some of these tecnos and infinix’ cost?

Tukiingia sub 10k hiyo ni peasant territory.

You can get both. Depends where you look. I just put random prices from Amazon. Ebay may be cheaper

Sony phones are solid. You will always meet guys with cracked Samsung screens but rarely will you meet those with sony phones with defects


Ongeza Nexus 6 kwa hiyo list… Pia akina LG G3 na G2

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Wapi mng’oa reli idler Deorro alete uhondo kamili! “it’s important to be good at something even if that something is losing elections-LeoKim 2010.” For Deorro that would be being idle.

Wah, how could I forget Nexus. Next post.

Hukuona zile bei ameweka?

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Sjaiona Motorola for the last 5 years. Thought walifunga till you posted this.

Wako tena sana. Walikuwa division ya Google then wakanunuliwa na Lenovo. Moto X ya hii mwaka unaeza mount external camera, external speaker ama external projector


Kuvunjika kwa simu it depends na mwenye kutumia,any device can crack if misused.Dont forget most Sony come with Hardened glass coating

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gani hapo iko na matter-core…

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I ship single items too but not from USA.
China and Dubai only.


Ya matter-core ndio hii. LG G flex


Lenovo Vibe iko?

This was a stupid design frn lg. The other day i had this device and it felt awkward i kept trying to straighten it up.tena ikiwa kwa mfuko it feels like something big