Some positive news,

Hapag-Lloyd, World’s 5th largest German Shipping Line sails to East coast of Africa for first time with new service with a weekly call to Mombasa .
Beginning in April, Hapag-Lloyd will offer a new weekly service between the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah and the east coast of Africa. With the East Africa Service (EAS), the liner shipping company will be calling at the ports of Mombasa (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) for the first time. These will be connected to Hapag-Lloyd’s existing global network via the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah, as the central hub of the region. Hapag-Lloyd will initially deploy four vessels, each with a capacity of 1,200 TEU, in the EAS.

Very good news, let’s complete the lamu port and dislodge Jeddah KSA and Dubai UAE, as the ‘gateways to Africa’.

Hey very big

How many Momos can 1 TEU accommodate?

@uwesmake hapa kuna swali

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I saw these container carrying monoliths and was left to wow, how does the thing float.

this super container ship cant fit in kilindini but will be accomodated vizuri sana in Lamu

It is air filled and it cannot displace an entire sea…now you know how ships float


I know more physics than you,
I know more technical stuff than you do,
I know more engineering stuff than you do.
Here’s another one to stimulate your brain.

Makes me want to play Tetris now :):slight_smile:

What will East Africa export!!!

Tea and scrap metal

Scarp metal! hmm… stolen electrical cables and railway lines.

Minerals from Congo.

Not forgeting ivory

can dar accomodate this mega ships