Some people would eat good.

Once again Ojinga would be out-bidded by JSKS. Ruto would even purchase Business Class tickets to Dubai and book them at Burj Al Arab.


The fact that UDA supporters find the above mentioned okay in a democratic country, speaks alot to their intelligence quotient

This is why i insist Africans tuko na akili za mende. You can sale your mother for 700M. Nugu ici.

the self-righteousness of the gang that a few weeks ago was boasting of having dipstate is so ironical

Nikapewa 700M in cayman island kwa untraceable account I can be very happy.

You would be dead before you even enjoy it. Pesa ya sugoi man ni very dangerous, History has confirmed that!


The irony is undefeated. Watu watulie wakule kiburi yao polepole

Lol toa umafi hapa, neither Ruto nor Raila cares about your sorry ass. Neither Raila nor Ruto has ever helped you and they wouldn’t do so any time soon. This blind support to Ojinga is what made Ruto whoop yall. Quit being a certified retard.They are in leadership to cater for their interests and personal gratification. You with your < 70 IQ can’t obvious comprehend that simple fact.

I don’t need any financial help from them my friend. I believe I’m doing very well, thanks to Sir Jah. All I need is for elected leaders to remain true to their oath. From your language, I can deduce that wewe ni mtu mashidashida. Weka number nikutumie pesa ya keg utulie gathee :D:D:D

Lol I ain’t arguing with your broke ass. Ask around. I can pay you to be my dog and wtf is keg?