Some People Died For ODM/NASA, Was It In Vain

Is it worth risking your life?


The world has a way of getting rid of idiots. Darwin was right.

Kavirondos just like rioting.

Indeed it was in vain, the masses are the pawns in the chess game and can be disposed of at any time. After the handshake, the masses should rethink their blind support for their political kingpins, it is not worth it! However masses being masses, and politicians being master manipulators, we will sadly see a replay…

In Kenya a jamaa is incited to fight for his mutu wetu, get seroiusly injured and goes into a coma only to wake up and be confronted with tv pictures of mutu wetu smiling and hugging the fellow jamaa was told is the enemy that must be fought by all means.

Ndio baba, it was in vain.

Hiyo election ya 2017 changed my view on politics forever. Wale vijana who were maimed and killed huko siaya, migori na kondele all for nothing.

Rip to all of them.