Some men are trash cha ukweli

I’m a very androcentric, patriarchal guy, lakini sometimes lazima tu ukubali that some men are trash. Sasa hii ni nini surely?

i blame this on the beijin mothers who took feminism to ahigher level na kusema men are same na women.kitambo kwa wakikuyu niligrow nikiambiwa na guka(mutumia ahuragwo agicokagio na nyumba na ndahuragwo na ngudi)loosely translated"a wife is beaten while being returned to the house and you dont use your fist while doing so. as many men are whinning here they are bringing their kids in the same way most of us past 80s were brought up(a boy is washing utensils,agirl anawoch tv etc)there is areason why in a govt there are clear rules who should do what and that applies to family as the smallest unit of govt.but ujinga ya waafrika tukaamua kucopy the “civilized” white.jiulize mbona this things are not rampant in masai land.mwanaume alimea akijua they are equal na dame so expectation yake ni dame areason kama yeye.dame na yeye alilelewa akijua yeye na kamau tofauti ni ndevu peke kamau akimwambia kitu kama amejam anamjibu kiufala.kamau anampea rko coz shit hakuwai lelewa kuwa anfaaa kulinda hawa madame.saa yetu ukidate you knew which side ya barabara dame anfaa kupita na mkienda bar you take only one juu kuna ndume zitakunyakulia dame hapo nje.saa hii ata this younglings wakienda bar they drink like there is no tomoro such that ata dame akaguzwa haezi not saying thats is the case here but the lady looks relatively young so bwana i guess ni wa 80s.iwish we can unlearn what we learnt already.i sometimes argue with my wife,but ikienda kama naona tutajimbizana naenda nje maraundi kama one hour na nazima phone ama napotea kwa project kama wiki(thanks am an eng so she knows i have projects in differnt parts ya kenya imust inspect)na nikirudi sitaji hiyo maneno tena but i use a different approach to say whatever iwas saying yesterday and it works.sasa sijui watoto wetu wataopata wakuwaoa na wakuoa wapi.

@MikeOck by any chance could you be related to @TrumanCapote?

“Some men are trash” such a statement should not come from a man with two hanging balls.

Wacha hizo. You cannot justify maiming someone else unless they were threatening your life in the first place. Hii hapa it’s unacceptable even in a patriarchal society

Huyu ni manzi, kwanza the statement “Sasa hii ni Nini surely”

Throwing away our culture was the biggest mistake we ever did as African people

Blame tech

Mashida za kuoa low value women ,they gas light you to violence.

no man not even homosexuals like @patco would use this line.

since KTALK STARTED IN 1920 I HAVE ALWAYS SAID AND GIVEN EVIDENCE @MikeOck IS A WOMAN, FEMALE, XX CHROMOSOMED complete with a functioning clitoris and ovaries .

also @lovemashbae na ule talker wa tissue papers nimesahau handle yake are female

ktalk men @Sokwe mtu mumeogopesha madem na ma sweep and singo madha shenanigans ( YET 70% OF KTALK FEMALES ARE SINGO MADHAS) they have to use blue handles

Bukusu kweli wewe ni vampire kama Wanjala. :smiley:

You never sleep.

Ama unasomea exams huko Harvard cc @ChifuMbitika ?

I already done told you niggas that that nigga"s real names are Milka Achieng Nyakwar Ogwal.

That woman was not innocent. She did not deserve to get hit or mimed but she’s not innocent. Kuna kitu alifanya hiyo dume ikageuka mnyama. Unfortunately hatawahi kubali makosa yake. Her valuable lesson will remain unlearned by fellow women.

I think Tuko or rather Lynn has an agenda which is not so cool. Why focus on horror stories which are few instead of entertaining people with tales of happy families? That thumbnail is all I needed to see. I won’t watch.

I wanna see you defend your dad in a similar way when he maims your mom

me too siwes woch hio

Typical blame story.
Hakuwa anajua character ya hio ndume before waishi na yeye?,
Hizi storytelling nusu nusu ni za nini?

Sob stories are a national sport in Kenya.

Her mistake was that she was an orphan na vile alipata mwanaume, aliapa kukwama na yeye juu hana mbele wala nyuma. Hiyo kukwama ndio iliboo huyo mwanaume. Her sin was not that major

As much as you want to be an idiot devoid of thinking. Would you come to the same shitty statement full of fallacious appeal to emotion if two men beat the living daylights out of each other? Women who marry violent angry men drunkards probably meet them in bars or weed joints.

They themselves have mental issues and they’re not the easiest to deal with. When two destructive people meet, shit goes down.

What am saying is, women who get knocked out by violent men carry some of the responsibility of placing themselves and their offspring in potentially harmful situations. They are not children and they have a fully functioning brain.