Some landlords are jokers :Two bedroomed apartment in shithole Roysambu going for 70k a month

Why would anyone including the nigerian drug dealers who operate in the area pay 70K for a two bed house in the congested area ? 70K is leafy burbs prices and even there kuna downward pressure on asking rates .Where I stay kuna pool gym na watu wamekataa kutoa 65K .5 vancant houses ni machos tu .

Now back to Roysambu ,who in his right mind would pay 70K a month for a poorly finished apartment ?

pole, wakenya ndio wajinga zaidi. landlord anajua kwa kila wakenya mia sabini na tisa ni wajinga, watalipa tu.

ok son…the point is home

That was in context to the absurdity that is 70K a month in dusty Kasarani but to bonobos like you ,mnaona humblebrag .Ghaseer

Hata wewe umeona eh? This was the gist

Si nimeChecki nyumba ni ‘fully’ furnished…

Meffi wewe

Where do you stay unalipa usiseme kilimani ju that place congested, karibu ifime level ya pipeline

@Maombi hodari and @rollout

The house is fully furnished I guess that’s where the difference comes in but for the same amount of 70k you can top up like 50k or assume two month’s rent and you can furnish your own 1 bedroom house.

ohh…now i see

wacha landlord anukishe kitunguu bila kusumbuliwa

If there are takers willing to fork the amount nyinyi wengine mnasumbuliwa na nini?

Yenyewe these guys have pushed it! Hiyo flat inakaa tu zile za kawaida za Roysambu za 20K. Ndio maana anaongeza marketing gimmick zingine za ujinga, kama soundproof windows as if its located next to a mine.

Hizi ni prices ya kilimani ama kile for 2br

Kama nyumba iko furnished kuna kila kila kitu including fridge, tv, furniture, kitchen ware etc… 70k is cheaper compared to staying in a hotel in a month… they are targeting expats… or people on short holiday…

Hii ghasier hata haijui Nairobi hata. Garden city opposite ndio ryosambu na kasarani? Hapo ni prime location tembea nani. Hata ryosa Kuna furnished 60k karibu trm. Massive lift, security, lift etc

Odds za leo mdau?

The same goes for Kile, Lavi and all those previously posh neighborhoods that are quickly becoming concrete jungles filled with apartments. The real value of a posh address comes from the property, networking opportunities, facilities and living standards. When people started putting up apartment blocks, any value related to the real estate disappeared. There are literally thousands of people living in Kahawa Sukari or Membley or even along Mombasa Rd, with better property than those kennels, for the same cost or less especially in cabro paved gated estates. The only value left in those places i.e Lavi, Kile, Hurlingham etc is the networking opportunities and maybe better places to hang out like restaurants and clubs. In essence, you don’t have to live there, to get value from those places. Just have a car and hang out there often. That way, you enjoy all the benefits as the residents incur all the costs in their rents and service charges.

Live where you can get the most value for money, and hang out where the classes hang out. A car is a tool, and it can save you from incurring costs that residents in such areas have to incur. Your car is your friend.

Garden City opposite nani sio Roysambu bwana.Roysambu ni hiyo area ya TRM Lumumba drive hadi pale.PAC university.
Kasarani ndio iko opposite Roysambu.

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