Some Khashoggi Body Parts Found in Consulate Garden

What a “fist fight!”

[SIZE=7]Khashoggi’s body parts reportedly found in Saudi consul general’s garden[/SIZE]
By Post Staff Report
October 23, 2018 | 8:30am
Jamal Khashoggi-Getty Images

Body parts belonging to slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi have been found, according to a new report.
The 59-year-old Washington Post columnist had been “cut up” and his face was “disfigured,” sources told Sky News.

[SIZE=5]Erdogan accuses Saudis of plotting Khashoggi murder[/SIZE]

One source told the news outlet that Khashoggi’s remains were found in the garden of the Saudi consul general’s home.
The development comes shortly after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Saudi Arabia of plotting Khashoggi’s murder and called on Riyadh to extradite 18 suspects.

This guy died a very painful death, they must have made him suffer. I saw some photos on the net showing his face skinned off the skull(I am not sure kama ni yeye though)

Saw them too but that was not the chap ! whoever he was alikufa kifo mbaya .Probably mexican drug cartel victim !

Which sites do you browse?

Hio site is a big no, zile vitu zinakuwaga pale, nilisema never again

before nifungue kuna fisha za kuafisha mesho?

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Best Gore

Nope! Nope! I feel like I would lose my human side after watching this, then awaken my serial killer side I have been working so hard to repress so hard after watching this.

Wewe Dexter kimpango, it will one day come out.

Out of curiosity siku moja niligoogle what is best gore’s finest selection of debauchery nikaelekezwa kwa hio link. It was voted as one of their gorriest videos. Nangoja @Kaffir alete summary of events. Sikuweza kufinya play. It includes a peeled off face like the story of khashoggi. Hata profile pic ya kaffir inafanana na members wa hio site. Videos of Kenyan thugs being burnt alive also got special mentions.

Kaffir ukimaliza hio ona hii ingine. Hii ndio second gorriest video on best gore. Na ulete analysis tujue nini inaendelea.

Best Gore

This one below involves a father and son being killed so it is exceptionally brutal. Mexicans are…

Best Gore

hessy akapelekwa south America especially Mexico he would only last a week before he packs and returns to the more sane and civilized Dandora.

There is only one god, Death. And his agents are No One.

boss!!! zile vitu ziko hio site ni ACID to your eyes.

high profile hits are not that haphazard,the guy is probably liquidated in acid bath and flowing in some turkish river

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Ati why?! Utachinjwa kama huyo afande nimeweka hapo juu ya father and son. Uende utishe Mexican cartel members hessy style ??
Utaonyeshwa unyama haikai.

umeangalia hizo link? The father is a cop so the Mexican cartel grabbed him and his son.

They behead the cop and the boy… well I guess you’ll just have to watch and see the madness. I haven’t watched the video myself I’m just going by the description given.

Hmm really gory, funny how even without a face and hands a chap will still fight for his life !!!
This mexican revenge killings try to out do each other every time and can put isis to shame , remeber one where they lined up female relatives from opposing side and slowly cut their heads