some insults are not woth a reply....

…because they are the undying truth[ATTACH=full]262673[/ATTACH]

Talk of a kettle calling pot black. This is the situation all over the country. We are being fucked by the government. Some like Nairobians are being fucked with condoms si they are at least safe

no public leader in kenya has interest to help the masses but for personal wealth

That’s a road? :oops:
Lakini Mt Kenya region residents cannot point fingers because kwao ni kunoma.

this country is an ongoing scam

I love how fast this country is falling into pieces. People will only wake up when they hit rock bottom. We are where we are supposed to be.

am i the only one who sees progress and positive development?

Ukifika Kwa kibanda ya chakula wa Kwanza you get the best , but watu wa saa nane curse every bit .Tafakari hayo.

Huyo jamaa wa prado anadhani nature inaheshimu prado?

For a fact if you are a salty and negative fucker you will only see negative stuff everywhere you look. We live in a great and awesome country and kenya is one of the best places to live in africa

Negativos wanking galore

@spear kuom with jubilee development propaganda.

Woo-hoo! Black power. How much did the BBI cost again, 10b? Wooow.

@KamauLM kuja uone

why do you think they ALL flocked to our nairoffi for?:rolleyes:
shyt is real

Shit hole country…driver jinga ya Prado ,haija engage low range gear na ku lock rear diff,bure kabisa