Some good news from Kitui

Reports that a garment factory has opened in Kitui is certainly great news. I unfortunately cannot find the news story online. Apparently the factory will start with making school uniforms for all the schools in the county.

I hope the task force ordered by the President to look into the possibility of introduction of bt Cotton concludes its work quickly so farmers can get good seeds to grow cotton for such ventures.

who are ‘they’?

The factory. Thanks, i will edit.

@gashwin you say there is nothing on the webs?
Let’s say together then Rambo Bambo Boom Boom and voila…

Thanks. I was searching by the Daily Nation hard copy title.

They should now completely ban mutumba indorder to raise demand for locally made clothes. Itawapa ajira wakenya wenzetu as local industries grow.

Madam Governor is onto something…hata maendeleochapachap haiwes ifikia

tuko mbali since we are yet to get back cotton production to where it should be.

Mkumbwa, hii story ilikua MMNN sato


KTM ya Thika
Moi alituactia kweli

What they need now is a super-proffessional manager who can make a middle finger gesture at everyone including the governor.

He’s old school and analog though he’s always online


what can you contribute to the motion at hand - textile manufacture, cotton growing? :meffi:

Horror movie hapana kidogo

:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi: too. I hope it works and we are able to get locally made uniforms at lower costs so that this doesn’t end up being another Mumias.

This is stupid.

I’m sorry but there’s no polite way of pointing out the folly of thinking that the quality of that jua kali kibanda is going to produce the quality I get from mtumba.

Let local industries start producing quality products cheaply and I/we gravitate naturally towards them.

the textile factories in EPZs produce the quality you later buy as mutumba. the 20 years we have had EPZs should have been good for technology transfer.

Good news…

Let them use some good designers and quality materials , good initiative to empower people.