Some FTA Channels Missing

I am not much a TV fanatic, but have you realised that there are several FTA channels under Signet and Pang signals that have malaysiad.

What’s happening with Kenya Local Media zile za wakulima wadogo?

Kama gani?

How do this signet/pang FTA channels make money stations given their only source of revenue is advertising na hazinaga at a heavy hitters like safaricom.
Switch TV will make a good case study some day good content and talent but negligible advertising how long can they sustain this

Ace TV, WONI TV Malaysiad long time ago, UTV, Kyeni TV, Brand Plus, just to name a few.

Siwatchingi FTA mimi…Cant relate…

Kyeni Tv was “funny”. Wanaweka movie kidogo unaona admin ame-minimise VLC anatupa more videos kwa play list :D:D