some documentaries to help push your sunday

  1. Mt fuji forest in japan commonly referred to as the suicide forest where hundreds go to end their lives. Over 100 deaths per year recently a vlogger caused a furore on the interwebs when he made fun of the remains of one of the victims :

  1. A man wife, two daughters and two sons escape the persecution of stalin and head to the wilderness of rural russia commonly known as siberia where they are cut off the world for more than 40years. They didnt even know that world war 2 happened until a group of geologist stumbled upon them. The documentaries are two watch them and make your own conclusion one is shot during summer the other during winter:


  1. Finally we conclude with our very own local case files the murder of J M KARIUKI after watching this documentary my views on the founding father and if he really had the interests of the young nation at heart come into sharp question also come to your own conclusion!

Nice watch. My type. Thank you.

Castrated fag

Na pia morgan freeman ako na mpya “the story of us” he goes around the world…

Saaande sana . Documentaries/true stories and biographies are the only things I watch

That mt Fuji doc seems to have a plot like that of a movie titled Dale and Tucker. Sande sana KDF.

Sande sana omwami, these are the type of things i watch.

Aljazeera/ BBC docs, world war I&II docs

Thank you for the links.

Asande Omwami

I have been watching City of Ghosts and Cry of Syria. Watu wana mashida huko nje.

Asande Omwami


On the one hand, I get that here’s a level of exploitation as far as the age and naivete of females at a young age, but I’m also feeling guilty for accepting that there’s women who use their looks and their bodies to get ahead in life. They basically admit it in the documentary :frowning: :frowning:

I mean, there’s women who wake up before its even light outside just to go sell veggies and pick clothing consignments at Marikiti and Gikomba. Why can’t we sing their praises too? We could all be whores but some of us actually do work for our our money!

Also, Corrine is a biatch because you can tell she’s no victim. Fvkin’ trying to sell snitch-news just for the money. IF YOU CARED, YOU’D HAVE GONE TO A SHELTER FOR ABUSED WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND GIVEN ALL YOUR MONEY YOU ATTENTION SEEKING HO!