Some bridges never burn.

I know one cardinal rule of this place is never return to your ex or even contemplate it. But I have this ex of mine, Sigy. We broke up 6 months ago after a fantastic 5 year rship and I was totally in love with her. I would have married her. She was a very beautiful woman, 10/10. We lived together for 4 years and I never touched a sufuria anytime we were together and damn that woman could cook. I remember one week after I took her to bed, she requested me to take all my clothes to her house for cleaning and this was the norm the entire rship. I was a happy man.

When she left, a part of me left with her. This is the only ex that I genuinely wish well. She set the bar so high. I have dated 3 women for these six months and none even comes close to Sigy. I cannot shake her off my head. Not a single day goes without a thought of her crossing my mind.

I have come to a stark realization that I cannot love a woman again, neither do I want to. The end of love is marked by a lot of pain, something I never want to experience ever again. After all I am aware that I am still in love with Sigy. Shiet. Anyway elders, never find yourself in a situation where you are in love with a woman. Love truly never knows when to die. As for Sigy, you have taken your way and I have taken mine but I know our paths will cross one day.

Sasa utaoa dame juu ya kufuliwa nguo and cooking, you set that bar too low. Nunua washing machine na ya utensils kwanza alafu checki pale youtube some cooking recipes

You have a serious case of Oedipus complex,young man.

Congratulations, you’re officially WHIPPED!! :smiley:

Hujaumwa bado, the day you’ll get her wedding invitation. Sasa utajinyonga kakangu,pole lakini

…And some broken hearts never mend

There is always the one who got away. But be assured that years from now you will be glad that she got away. Thats part of growing up.

Godspeed gathee…

i was in your situation eons ago had this beautiful damsel from nakuru whose only flaw was a brown tinge on the two upper incisors. she was all rounded and so blessed in matters figure, skin, voice, eyes and of course bedminton she was unbeatable. Damn the day she left i cried, drank and cursed love saying i wouldnt love again…interestingly i hitched another woman a year later who was even better than her and started cohabitation which ended after a tumultuous 5 year period.

Son, women are there kuna various types some are just waiting for a man to just appear into their lives. travel, see the world, socialize and you will find many women that you can chose from

Its crazy but I know it will be a bittersweet feeling. She was a good woman.

How old are you?

Where are my whips?

I am 28.

Kwani she was your only focus?

Mimi niliwachwo ikaniuma jioni moja following morning kuangalia my schedule niende biz, lecturing, shamba na mifugo, church, coaching etc niliforget corborate ghel tu hivyo mpaka wa leo.

Sikutumiwa invitation but maboys walinichocha tudunde nikalenga…but funny thing is before her do a mutual pal alikuwa na weddo yake…ghel out of nowhere aka holla akaniambia tudunde…ah nikalenga…ghel mwenyewe aliolewa 2 months after our pals weddo…sijawahi elewa mpango ilikuwa nini coz im assuming by then alikuwa engaged…ama alikuwa anadai kuniringia new catch.

Sire with one, raise with another.

Aya…aje tena mkuu? Sigy is @Ben Dover 's mum?:oops::oops:

At 28 years you should be fuking women left right and centre, not crying over failed relationships.At 28 a man barely knows what he wants in a woman.Give yourself time.If you would like to settle down with a woman at some point give yourself another 10years.Also don’t have focus on only one woman even when you get married.You will find that different women tickle your fancy in different ways.Also,you will find that many women will be ticking different boxes in your books;some are wife material,with boring sex,some are wife material,good cooks,they do house chores etc, yet some will give you very good sex,you will go out together and have a very good time but are not home keepers.Personally I chose a home keeper who doesn’t drink and is of fair complexion.But wenye napenda kudeenya saidi ni hawa madem yello wenye wanapenda kuvaa jeans imeraruka with the thighs pouring out and the only thing they can talk about is going out and latest fashions and how to open a wines and spirits.

She wanted to ride the cock carousel one more time before settling

Mliachania nini?

Perfect candidate for this song:D:D kindly take some time to listen to this:D

Same shit happened to me when I was 22 years… I can never forget this. But you always recover. Experience is the best teacher. I was able to focus on myself and make big strides in life…something that I don’t think I’d have done now that I look back and understand the kind of attention I had given that lady.