Some amazing facts about Africa

Do you know the original pyramids did not look like the present day sand castles. They had a polished limestone look. Weather has degraded the surfaces over the years.

Also the mummies that amaze us today were not a prized possession in the 1800s. They used to excavate mummies and sell them in the streets in Egypt. Then buyers would grind them and consume the powder as medicine. In fact, they started shipping remains to Europe to be used as fertilizer. Or for industrial use. The trade got so brisk that they would execute and grind remains of criminals and ship them off as mummy remains.

Below is a picture of ancient mummies for sale on the streets of Egypt in 1865.


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Assuming @Nipe Nikusifu reincarnated from Egypt , the fool who would grind his mummy for medicine will consume all sexual diseases of that time

An Egyptians mummy was also prized possession among the English elites.

Respect our ancestors

Umesahau a golden cap.
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