Some advice from The Word of God.


Not sure if these scriptures are inspired by God’s spirit hence why they’re not canonical. Some parts I agree with, some parts I don’t. verses 21, 23, 26, 25 make sense, but 22, 24 don’t.

Jaribu kuambia bibi yako hiyo takataka, halafu ulete hekaya, if you’ll still be alive that is :smiley:

  1. Please read about the Council of Nicaea. It is important before making certain claims (Sagan standard).
  2. Have a look at the Second Canon (Deuterocanonical)Books

Angels Lusted and even fought for Them.Samson the Strongest man was taken down by One.Just be wise around this people.I can only fight for a woman who is doing the same for me.

Ile kunyooshea umenyoroshwa unaongea kama tyler perry

Having read about the Council of Nicaea, I not only stick to what I said but even reaffirm it, the Book of Sirach IS NOT canonical, which means it’s deuterocanonical or apocryphal. Just because the Catholic and Orthodox churches see it as canonical does not mean it is divinely inspired. And one of the fundamental reasons such books are not accepted by Jewish and Protestant faiths as divinely-inspired is because they contradict what is divinely-inspired in the canonical books. The Bible shouldn’t nor does it ever contradict itself because, God, it’s true author, is not a liar.

I have already stated even in that brief passage quoted verses that I consider to be man’s own imperfect opinion rather than God’s word. But here are more examples of why: What is the book of Sirach? |

These are the kind of arguments that caused people to kill each other for 2000 years over issues that cannot be proven and which don’t even make any sense. What is divine inspiration anyway? I think deep inside you must know its all hot air. The bible does contain a lot of wisdom, but that’s all, and so do many other books.

I appreciate you took time to read, that even Jesus was once a subject of whether or not to worship.

Reading about the Council of Hippo will guide in understanding about the current canonization. Most of what you read currently, was standardized by earlier generations, using their own measuring yard. Not forgetting, meanings may also be lost during translation. In the end, it’s about your relationship with God, or whomever that you perceive as, that matters. Take time and read the Torah and the Quran too.

That is not the word of God, [SIZE=2]you idiot![/SIZE]

Sadly, yes, that blood has been spilled in the name of fighting a “holy war” for God, which I cannot condone, but I don’t think the divinity of God’s Word “hot air” If you want an in-depth analysis on the divinity of the Bible we can open up a thread under Spiritualism section, I’d be more than happy to provide convincing evidence na thermal image to support my belief.

Religion is a pivotal part of our culture. In that sense it is necessary, but it is entirely a creation of the human mind. Even the neanderthals had religion. They buried their dead with various artifacts, indicating belief in an afterlife.
As far as religions go, it may hurt to admit it, but Christianity is not special, neither islam, nor Hinduism, nor any other religion you can think of. It just happens to be the religion you were born into.
I suggest you ask yourself how a religion “started” by a nondescript rabbi/carpenter from a backwater at the fringes of the Roman Empire became a worldwide religion. Then seek an honest and comprehensive answer, step by step. You’ll be surprised whose vision you’re professing.