Somalispot members dont like kenyan men dating somali women

How many of you guys have dated a somali women ? Have you experienced any racism ?

not dating but slices za weekday,mattercore ile alikua nayo na kalikua 19,mungu saidia:D:D:D:D

Leta namba omwami

When I was still a hustler and had to shop in eastleigh I used to have a girl there who really seemed to be into me… we used to flirt a lot while she was working and even had her number but never got around to setup a date with her since I had little time and little money plus another very good girl. I still remember her Somali smile which was not bad at all.

5 years down the line I meet with another Somali hot thing that was really struggling with life after having a baby or something and gosh did I ride it. She was based in utawala so my Somali bros if your siz once lived in utawala and was super hot with her nice figure cute face, say hi to her. She was always very paranoid and keen on keeping our thing very private and definitely had a boyfriend who was always calling her and probably married her later. I hope she okay wherever she and I will never forget her cries as she served me doggy style while saying my dick is too big.

Kama unataka vizuri avoid Somali blogs. Most Somalis have a very wierd world view/outlook.

Atajipa stress ya bure

:smiley: (Disclaimer: This does not apply to Kenyan Somalis to a large extent)

Many Somali foreigners are welfare beneficiaries relying on infrastructure from hosts…driving on roads built by others, living in houses built by others and sometimes in refugee tents provided by other people, and then blog from host nations using electricity, internet and phone network built by other people.

AND boy do they have humongous mouths! You would think a social welfare peasant would have the sense to be humble. Lakini hapan. Not these guys.

hawa nadinya sana kuna wasomali lanye easich

Type of guys who say how America is an evil nation while sleeping in a tent provided by USAID…absolutely crazy!:D

Pitia 10th street hapo eastleigh,uingie na side ya old kbs garage,kuna gesti of some sort on the left,then ka ploti hivi next …wameketi hapo nje

Mi sijawai angukia msomali, but I hear their brothers are dangerous and full of jealous, incase unataka kudish itabidii uingie stealth mode.

Ni mapoko ama?

Eeh but wasafi kama ule wa frisk anajpulizia moshi ya oud kwa senyeste:D:D

Tasted anjera and I was good… Shit tasted like an ied roadkill, figured you’re what you eat so that’s that.

Just get Smart and Sly …
They prefer Laid Back / Down Low / Gentle Approach Technicians … :D:D






Jina ya hio gesti? For google maps directions

Hapo nitaenda

Name of guest house??

Uko sure sio akina shiro na wairimu