si those idiots hates blacks,Niko huko na ni lazima nitusi those idiots nikitoka

Tulia njerer wacha kusumbua


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Are they white themselves?

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Have a lot of money and try the same experiment once more. They will worship you:D:D:D

Nipe pass I won’t Mind sampling Somali coomer

Butcherman ile project imekusumbua 7 years inaendeleaje?


apan tambua somalichieth

If you take these guys as your tenants, utajuta!


@Deorro hii handle imekaa sana, wacha huyu kijana atafute jina ingine

Some people can’t be more than pathetic posters using “somalis” as a weapon…
You guys don’t have enough space in your brain for more intelligence to occupy it!

I pity the idiots of this world, and the mothers who bore them should be ashamed if they aren’t already.

Somalis are almost like Arabs; hostile at people they don’t even know. Since those are the face of Islam in my world it makes me wonder if there’s something in Islam that is against people being relaxed and laughing. I’m talking generally.

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Yunomi kindly stay on topic…or else bring your Islam heathen agenda with facts or be overwhelmed with the truth!

Face the challenge… Face the facts… Face the truth!

Nope , separate religion from culture, and Arabs and Somalis are a small fraction of Muslims. Have you interacted with Malaysians, Indonesians, they cool peeps and very polite.
It’ just culture man. Nothing to do with religion .

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nguruwe ya somalia usiongee hapa

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Your 5 year old mentality speaks volumes, and your minuscule appendage you possess… I wonder how you roll it between your finger and thumb each time you '&" your hate filled gang spew your garbage. Do ya have to dig for it first? Ha!

You’re disgusting… so is the community that allows you piece of garbage to exist! Take your butthurt diarrhea elsewhere, i seem to have killed a nerve of yours.

The OP talked about Somalis hate for blacks. I think Somalis hate everybody just like the Arabs hate everybody and that’s how I got to Islam because both are Muslims. Notice I said"generally" because I know some Kenyan cats who are Muslim and are not moody and hostile. Someone also said Malaysians are nice. So I’m thinking Arabs and Somalis have anger issues