Somalis Will Colonize Kenya Soon


The fate of the kneegrow is constant oppression.

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Siwezi tetea Kanjo. Probably walikuwa wameendea hongo watu fakin sana


Kanjo ni washenzi. That they met their match, is cause for celebration


Nilizidi waria zingine huko isiolo zikanitolea dagger. Thank ferk im good at 200M races.
Twats could have had my ass on toast. Damn those twats


Hehe I feel nothing for Kanjo. This happened this week in Eastleigh

Unity is strength.

I hate alshabab lakini any day kanjo wanalimwa is a happy one for me.

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Injury to extortionists is injury to the devil, walimwe kabisa. Town inakaa dumpster lakini they always want something from the small trader, mama mboga

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More nyeuthiz need to resist extortion this way

Na bado. Mwanzo waungane na their other cushitic cousins( Orma, Rendille, Wardhei, Boranas…), mtatii.
This will be the kind of music ruling the airwaves.

Ijapokuwa ngoma yenyewe ni fine ukiiskizia kwa Bose music system.

I know that lady ni wa UK. Most Somali diasporeans are liberally closer to Kenyans than their brothers across the border. Al Shabaabs and their mad doctrines kill everything from human beings, creativity, culture,…. She wouldn’t make such music akiwa pale Hargeisa.

Liberals na Islamists ni kama maji na mafuta.


Mapambano made the ultimate mistake to issue free IDs to this meffi scrotums

Kanji ni watu wa kupigwa kana mbwa. I support

A time is coming when Zoomalians will be repatriated back to NEP

@administrator this is a racist post PULL IT DOWN

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I thought we share the same race with you guys :joy:

What? Nooo hell no

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Arabs ni meffi Kwa mecho yangu. Watu ombwakni. I only respect Yemeni Houthi,Lebanese Hizbollah and Hamas. For standing and fighting for palestinians. Hao waarabu wengi ni bure kama a used condom.

Turedio kua mpole. Acha ma knuckles zitembee