Somalis Will Bankrupt Kenya With Duty Free Goods Smuggled Through North Eastern Kenya

Law abiding Kenyan business people will never make a profit due to be ing undercut by these wariahs.

For example this module of a KMBG Main Switch goes for Ksh 1000 but Wariah sell the same thing for Ksh650

The same story is replicated for every item including DVRs and Surveillance Cameras.

Dahua 720p Dome or Bullet Cameras normally go for Ksh 1200 per piece unapata Wariah anauza 900 bob. 4 Channel DVR goes for Ksh 4300 Wariah anauza Ksh 3800.

Na TV wanauza vipi?

Nilibuy tv hisense 49’ na 25k from a certain warriah in esich.

They smuggle their goods from Somali sea ports and ferry them to Nairobi with trucks and buses disguised.

And bulk is by air. ELD and probably Wilson but main is Eldoret . Very cheap also cargo is like 150per kg between the two countries.

Sana Sana its some greedy Kenyan entrepreneurs who want to make 1000% profit instead of making it affordable… Ata 20-40% profit sio mbaya.

Any chance not to pay the government tax is always a great opportunity. Wanafanya vizuri sana… At least they won’t sell you substandard chiet at high price

Mdau kama Una connection ya mmoja wa eldoret saidia. nitashukuru sana

They don’t pay tax. I bought a laptop from them hapo jumia stalls in town and they never accept cash or give receipts, they insist you pay using “send money” option kwa mpesa.

Mitumba clothes are far way cheaper in Eldoret than Gikomba. Sometimes the government let’s it be- this is what sustains the airport.

The Scandinavian countries you so much admire for their high standard of living and govt services are the way they are due to citizens dutifully paying their taxes, in some places taxes are upto 50% of one’s income. Just like kwa gated community hapa kenya, if home owners refuse to pay service charge how will the resident association pay for security, garbage collection, landscaping, cabro, street lighting, water etc? If you avoid paying taxes how will govt fund services to you citizens…unless you want them to go beg for funds in china?

I never knew they import mitumba via air. The time i was at eldoret airport what i saw was electronics ie tv’s phones, home theatres etc. The cargo plane would land and a few hours later all the cargo would be loaded into trucks heading to nairobi. The importers said goods clearance at the airport was “very fast and efficient unlike at JKIA” and that was why they chose to use the airport which is 300km away from their base in nairobi.


Serikali ikufunga hii tax evasion biashara Eldoret airport will be a cow grazing land.

No business will ever survive with 20-40% margins.

Bonobo Software 1.0 factors into this how?


10% Staff and
15% Rent -Minimum across most of the industries.

That’s the bullshit lines you get fed by Western corporate media. Kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea.

What you should wish for is low taxes for all.
Not Zero taxes for some and exorbitant rates for others.

Those smugglers still use our infrastructure and benefit from the army, police, and the population they sell goods to was educated by taxes they refuse to pay.

Prosperous societies have a set of rules they have agreed upon that everyone follows. Shit societies like Somalia there no common agreed rules.

Which side do you want to live in ?

Rich high IQ societies take taxation very seriously because that’s the government’s only source of income .Bonobos with no concept of nationhood and social services ndio unaona gloating how they evade paying taxed

It depends on the quantity of goods you move.

Direct me where i can get this for 900/=