Somalis Somalia

Somalis are cursed africans its in the bible after the curse God declared they will walk the earth suffering

It’s because Somalians think they are Arabs.They also follow their religion foolishly.Which they forget it’s their slavemaster way of zombiefying them.

We Kenyans are no different. Do you know how many highly educated Kenyans are changing diapers overseas instead of fixing what is wrong with Kenya? Hundreds of thousands of them.
I think it’s only Tanzanians who largely don’t migrate to foreign nations

There are many Tanzanians abroad, kwanza in SA wamejaa.

You could say the same about christianity in Afrika.

Muslims are the problem. The f*ckers don’t love peace. Kwao wanapigana and if you host them they start slaughtering your people like in France. They only understand violence. Nikifika ile level nataka naanzia kufukuza hawa wako Kenya. The rate that wanagrow nayo watatuletea shida and when it comes down to it, it’s only Okuyus and Kalenjin that can stop them.

By the way si you guys refer me to materials I could learn about the human rights violations in British Somaliland, am doing a comparative study (academic) between the mau mau and the Dervish movement. Human rights issues related to colonialism.

Meanwile the former president thinks Alshabab are offering justice through their courts to the majority of somalians

Somalis are generally stupid. They cant even intergrate well with other people. Just look at bingwa makende

Kizungu kwao ni kizungumkuti

Shida yao huwa inbreeding


This proves my point.

This is a fact,Kwanza ukienda northeastern utarealize Kuna woria macho chongo wengi sana.Its a key indicator ya inbreeding

Which north eastern, can u draw up findings from empirical studies that indicate incidences are significantly higher than other parts of the country?