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Why has Somalia never had peace? Why all the fighting? Why is it difficult for them to unite and kickout the Alshabaab terrorists? And reclaim their country and be stable. Why do Somalis love fleeing to other foreign countries to settle there instead of fighting to stabilize their country?
Even south sudan which was in violence the past few years ago the leaders have reconciled and the country is back to normal. What is it with the Somali that Alshabaab and AL Qaeda have taken root?
Could it be the Muslim religion? which I do suspect it is… Why did not Alshabaab expand in South Sudan during the instability and war time and yet South Sudan is undeveloped compared to Somalia and had low literacy rate ? Why is that it is only Somalia that is breeding ground for AlQaeda and Alshabaab and all manner of terrorists ?

ingisha kichwa katikati ya miguu yako …nyamba for freshness …halafu shout hizo maswali up your anus …in the echo, ju umetumika vibaya, …in the echo you will find answers

A clan thing bana

A warlike people:D

Just look at the ME countries and you will get the answers. Nguruwe ni nguruwe tu, but America and Israel will always be the bogey man.

zomalia is like way far worse than syria

what does zumalya have that the west can benefit? for ME, yes oil.

Wasomali hawajakomaa kiakili, Kenyans are bad somalis are worse And its not competiton.

I think so to. Naskia pale damascus and latakia and mostly government strongholds maisha yako mazuri. Compare it to somalia even in that area the government controls hapo ugandishu kuna violence.

30 years of lawlessness is nothing to fuck with.

islam clashed with their clanism…

Somalis perhaps has the highest percentage of idiots amongst it’s population in the entire human race

Isnt that what the ICUs and Alshaboobs had done ? they had managed to take over the whole country and were only dislodged by Ethiopian and EU forces .Had it not been for outside forces ,akina @Bingwa Scrotum and @Slave 0wner would by now be living ‘peacefully’ under sharia law .They’d be wearing knee length trousers and throwing homosexuals like @Kimakia off tall buildings in Baidoa while thugs like @johntez addi gaza msafi wangekua wamekatwa mikono by now .

And what’s wrong with either of that

Charcoal - until they deplete the few shrubs they have

maybe if only they acknowledge their past history will they start finding peace, but as long as they want to create fake accounts of history they will always disagree, clan against clan.Attached is one of the many articles i once read.


[FONT=georgia]A myth can either be a false belief or an idealised conception. This introduction demonstrates why ‘Somalia’ is both.

‘Somalia’, a number-seven-shaped country on the north-eastern horn of the African continent, has long been a contested concept, even amongst Somalis. For example, at independence in 1960 when British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland united to form The Republic of Somalia, some Somalis agitated for a much larger version of a country. Their country, a ‘Greater Somalia’, would have included Somali brethren in what is today Djibouti, eastern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Indeed, it was in part with an eye to expand the contours of ‘Somalia’ that the Mogadishu-based dictator General Mohamed Siyaad Barre invaded the Ethiopian Ogaden in 1977/78. After suffering some 25,000 casualties in less than a year and losing the war, an array of opposition forces rose up, all intent on overthrowing the Barre regime. It ultimately fell after many bloody years, in January 1991. [/FONT][FONT=georgia]Thus began a definitive fragmentation of ‘Somalia’. [/FONT]

[FONT=georgia] how does a government form, represent or tax constituencies which are always moving, sometimes across international borders? Says one academic: ‘The very idea of the state is totally alien to Somali culture and was unknown before the colonial period. A settled population is needed before any form of state can be established… Nomad society is essentially anarchic’ (Prunier 1997). Further, the assertion could be made that most Somalis’ nomadic heritage in a near-desert environment produced a sort of enduring ‘rugged individualism’ in the extreme. As Professor I.M. Lewis notes: ‘In the harsh struggle for survival which is a nomad’s lot, suspicion is the natural attitude towards those with whom one competes for access to scarce pasture and water. This defence mechanism is extended to all contexts of social interaction and hence becomes a national characteristic’ (Carlson 2009). This has been to the detriment of widely-held notions of modern governance, which ultimately require a citizen to defer to a higher sovereign authority beyond one’s clan, subclan, and/or sub-subclan [/FONT]

So you’d be happy if @Kimakia was thrown off a tall building?

Somalia was unstable before the Alshabaab was formed and Alshabaab only controls a small part of the country.

Africa’s greatest nation and the one bestowed with all the elements in the universe, Zaire, is also in turmoil. Let’s help our Bantu brothers as we also ponder on how to deal with Zoomalia

Africa’s greatest nation and the one bestowed with all the elements in the universe, Zaire, is also in turmoil. Let’s help our Bantu brothers as we also ponder on how to deal with Zoomalia

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