Somalis Scared Shitless

Eastleigh saa hii is a force to reckon with. Gikomba inasafishwa ndio warghes aingie. South c and now B na other estates ni zao usikuwe mjinga kazi ni kukalia matako

If they were Christians there would be no problem at all. I would welcome them with open arms to stay as long as they want. For instance I have no problem with Burundians flooding Kenya, even Igbos are ok.

But the Somalis must go, I’m sorry. Their satanic religion which is really a political outfit that will eventually FORCE us all to Islam (or die), and subject us to Sharia law, paying jizya tax as dhimmis. There is so much Islam sanctioned deadly discrimination in the Qu’ran. Everyday in the news there’s yet another massacre of Christians in Nigeria, Congo, Mozambique and every country they settle in. Death and misery always follow Islam. This filthy religion must be uprooted out of our land. Kenya is a sanctified Christian country. So either they convert to Christianity or leave.


Kikuyus own lands , deals , ‘SCAMS’ etc
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I welcome the talk about fences in North Eastern. It is a step in the right direction in minimizing community land, we need more private land.

One error our capitalist country of kenya has sustained is having large amounts of land there classified as community land. That makes it easy for anyone from any where walk into Kenya, buy papers and threaten us .


To be fair…

Christians are not immune from extreme violence in the name of GOD

Slavery and Colonialism are just two examples

But I get your point …
Islamic Fanatics are the bottom of the barrel

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