Somalis plan to take over kenya

While we are busy working and developing our nation somalians are breeding to outnumber us on our "own " land. The threat was never outside its actually inside our own borders.

Arabs that migrated to Europe during the Syria crisis waliambiwa na ISIS wazaane kama mapanya ndio they take over Europe.

Sikujua your own land comprise of north eastern.
Ngangana na hali yako.

Yes, they will humiliate you in your own country, for interfering in their affairs. your taxes are funding troops in somalia, and your women and kids are being turned into widows and orphans, for what purpose?

Porojo tupu.
You’ve just realized that other people exist apart from you, now all over sudden they’re trying to take over.
I always ask, in Kenya we have, nilotes, bantus, cushite. Why would you fail to acknowledge cushites as part of this nation?
You call them Somali because you find it hard to break down their tribes and call them by name, so Somali is the easier way out based on looks.
Wacheni upuzi sometimes.

I don’t think it’s possible but these guys think it is.

[SIZE=7]How To Take Over A Country In 10 Easy Steps[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]So how does one take over a country in the 21st century? It’s a lot simpler than you might think. The great European banker, Mayer Rothschild, summed it up beautifully when he said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” All you need is money, honey. Once you have the cash in hand, here is a simple 10-step guide.[/SIZE]
30/05/2016 3:40 PM
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So how does one take over a country in the 21st century? It’s a lot simpler than you might think. The great European banker, Mayer Rothschild, summed it up beautifully when he said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” All you need is money, honey.
Once you have the cash in hand, here is a simple 10-step guide:
Step 1. First and most important, buy out the major news media.
This can take a bit of a time, of course, but media house mergers and acquisitions are the way to go. Consolidate. It is imperative for all the major media houses to speak more or less in one voice so that the candidate of your choice gets maximum backing and a “wave” is created. As far back as the 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Modern day political candidates couldn’t agree more. Perception is reality.

Step 2. Select a candidate pliant enough to become mascot and champion for big business.
He need not be too educated, well-read, or even have a working conscience. (In fact, it’s better if he doesn’t.)
Step 3. Hire a top-notch PR agency
This PR agency should be able to create a compelling campaign that will airbrush any objectionable events in the candidate’s past and portray him as the nation’s great hope – in fact, the only hope. You’d be surprised how easy this is. People have short memories and are remarkably willing to overlook major moral lapses and character flaws as long as the candidate promises prosperity.

Step 4. Run full-page ads and prime-time TV spots in support of your candidate.
Money shouldn’t be a problem since you own these media outlets anyway. Repeat your message again and again. Repetition is one of the great laws of memory.
Step 5. Make sure the candidate can deliver speeches in memorable sound bites.
In this, the day of image-building, 140-character tweets and minuscule attention spans, the candidate with the shortest, catchiest, most-repeatable slogan will win, never mind how regressive his real agenda may be. Nuances of policy and planning are a thing of the past. The real question is – how does he make the people feel?

Step 6. Once the candidate is elected, keep the campaign going.

Victory loses its value unless it is used as a means to even greater ends. The campaigning should never end, ever. Introduce more slogans, more eye candy and more feel-good schemes. This will create the illusion of progress and governance.
Step 7. Discredit free-thinking students and universities.
They pose a clear and present danger to your plan of nation control and must be made to look like enemies of the state. Use the media to the hilt here.
Step 8. Work the “patriotism” and “nationalism” angles as much as you can.
Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. He was right. Your nationalistic jingoism will bring enough unthinking scoundrels out of the woodwork to shout down any sane voices that dare to question the undermining of democratic processes. Again, use the media to the hilt here.
Step 9. Systematically take over any watchdog agencies and other institutions which safeguard the democratic rights of the citizen .
Put your own people in charge of these places. Easy-peasy.
Step 10. Take money out of public health and education and put it into defence and war.
It won’t be long before you’ll need it.

r vs k selection. organisms subjected to deleterious environment must engage in k selection, ndio ukienda mathare ufanye hesabu ya birth per woman, uende lovington urudie hiyo hesabu utapata maanake. utapata maanake. quantity vs quality of offspring balance is natural and automatic

You seem like a very decent Somali. Personally, sina shida na wasomali. Actually my great, great grandfather was pure somali. Shida ni religion. The in your face Arabic nonsense, the black garb your women wear, prayers on loud speaker, strict rules. Will there be an uptick in bombings? That’s all people care about is safety.

You forgot to include bigotry, but very well put bro

Ona sasa. Why are you insulting your intelligence @sani?

Just 2001 Somalia was choking on its own blood, feaces and urine. Kenya agreed to host their young government in Nairobi mpaka 2005 ndio wakaambiwa warudi kwao wakajitawale wakiwa kwao.

Their legislators held a vote (in Nairobi where they threw chairs at each other in the Nairobi hotel) and they voted to have au protect the young govt in Mogadishu.

Then Alshabaab took over Kismayu and started carrying out incursions into Kenya, killing tourists, kidnapping civilians etc

Kibaki told the maafakas in Mogadishu to rein in their dogs wakasema wameshindwa!

We are in Somalia at the invite of their govt!

Sasa unafikiri tutaishi kungojea Alshabaab wakiingia huku kuuwa watu halafu wanatorokea kwao?

Why do these stupid people blame us?

Enda Dadaab uulize hao watu wanafanya nini hapo? Nani altishia kuwauwa wakatorokea huku? Sindio ni Somali wenzao?

Si hata Duale aliwaambia waache kurusha bomb eastleigh warushe huko Machakos? Kwa nini wanauwana hata saa hii? You think we like spending money and resources on refugees? Vile Somali wanachukia ukahaba why do you think there are so many Somali prostitutes in Nairobi and Mombasa saa hii?

You brought a different topic to the discussion.
My point is cushites are part of kenyan tribes just like any other group.
I’m not even Somali by the way.

Christianity has rules as well, just coz Christians don’t follow, doesn’t mean Islam is strict.
On loud speakers, apart from Muslim dominated areas, most other areas have the call to prayer low.
Bombings and all agreed though it’s a huge topic.
Dressing modestly, as compared to walking naked, mh

The question is,will it really happenen?

Wasomali na wahindi warudishwe kwao

The devils religion Islam be banned

@Bigfish1 @mayekeke


So you have a problem with islam

We will grant them the independence that they long desired in NE. They will be free to join their brothers in Somalia and form a prosperous Republic.

Yes, radical Islam is problematic.

Why is it that as a religion, islam breeds like 90% of all terrorists? We dont hear of buddhists or christian bombers etc…

Do your research on the crusades

I was thinking about how Ke can over Somalia. All the way to the Suez canal. Hawa shifta ni nonsense. Ruto has the balls.