Somalis MUST never lead Kenya.

No Somali should eve be given presidency or deputy presidency
Just have a look at how they manage themselves with their clanism whatever. Imagine them being in charge of Kenya. And surprisingly the useless governor already had clan endorsement to be reelected.

Jinga hii Ruto and Uhuru have stolen billions of dollars are they Somali too?

somali wote ni wezi, just smuggling goods in Kenya, their governors and senators are building petrol stations everywhere in Kiambu .

Shenzi sana

I think they are in their comfort zones in those condishens.

These coakroaches are the scum of the earth. The lowest that human beings can ever get

Vert true. There is an explosion of waria petrol stations everywhere.

This is why I think counties should collect their own taxes rather than being given national money via formula

Somali na petro station is a misnomer.

He/she wont top up petroli @ there own petro stations.


You know the deal.

They will never, ever. Chaotic people wafanye tu biashara.

Funny how if I posted this here about Kikuyus I’d get an immediate ban. @administrator @Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD

Bantus and Nilotes don’t like your corrupt ways. Just read through this thread

I’m a Kikuyu from Mukurweini I just don’t like ukabila.

@ChifuMbitika loves and practices tribalism… to him if it is a Somali being discriminated then its not tribalism. so u are speaking to a stone here.

Cushites are the scam of the world


Leta intel hapa

Wacha chuki, public hospital zote kenya ziko ivo.