Somalis business acumen surprising

One thing about Somalis and their dominance in the business world is simply EXPOSURE.

The Kenyan business landscape whether legal or illegal has some Somali elements in it!!

Why are Somalis edging out politically connected Kikuyus?..Why are they thriving? Why the business culture?

  1. Family ties- an average Somali guy is allowed to marry upto four wives and allowed to divorce at will, His children can can marry his sister’s children --This alone ensures that wealth distribution remains within the family…the rich will continue being rich through consolidation and inheritance.

  2. Muslim culture of brotherhood - You wonder why they build those posh mosques in every corner?..well a super-rich Somali Muslim can decide to build a mosque on his own–a complete deviation from how our churches are built–Christians depend on harambees, Muslims depend on the generosity of their billionaires.
    Somalis uplift each other through family harambees, community herding of cattle and camels and ensuring at least a member of the family works overseas.

  3. The Somali Hegemony and the fact that their people have been split into four countries, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti…though they are clustered in powerful clans; those clans are spread accross the four countries, so there is blood relations among them but international boundaries are hostile for them…
    It’s not easy for a Somalia Somali to visit a Kenyan Somali or a Djibouti Somali…
    This is why there is alot of illegal trade for them, I e a Kenyan Somali prefers to use Kismayu port than the port of Mombasa…Why?..levies and taxes—(Wont go deep)…

  4. the attribute of Honesty-- Somali business people cultivate a honest business environment, they never swindle,they respect God and social ties…this is why they stay far too long in business.

  5. Playing smart politically…if you see their voting patterns and how they negotiate political deals…you will be mistaken to misjudge their political affiliation…ie in the last general election, majority were in Azimio yet Hon. Dialed and a few stocked with Kenya Kwanza, UDM was the first political party to ditch Azimio after the Ruto win… Politics safeguards business(for those who know).

  6. Dominance in the Ex-im business, especially imports of apparels from Arab countries and subsequent export of live animals and other products to Arabian countries-- Somalis have access to most airports and ports in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia–Their business network is quite deep, making it easier for them to source their wares in time.

  7. Link to the Arabian peninsula and historical culture of merchandise–Since AD period, Somalis had been doing business all the way from Arabia to deeper parts of east and central Africa --Business has been in their DNA, Islam gives them the competitive edge in accessing the middle east.

There are as many reasons that rank Somalis first among equals in the business arena that I can’t mention here…but for sure they are lean business people with a clear cut acumen for business success.
KiKuyu may envy their industry but on EXPOSURE…That’s where “fat separates with water”…


No. 4 pure horse shit. Ile siku utadeal na those sand niggaz na wakuoshe in the name you are an infidel ndio utajua kumekuramba


Nowadays I wouldn’t want to affiliate anything with tribe or religion as success or failure. No doubt the Islam religion is quite rigid and had the element of togetherness. To the larger Christian community (the majority) it’s everybody for himself, God for us all.


If the government started scrutinizing businesses keenly, many Somali businesses will close shop.

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Somalis sell smuggled goods. They are imported tax free through kismayu port in somalia then passed through garissa to nairobi. Other goods are flown in through eldoret airport and loaded into trucks to nairobi.

Somalia connection in smuggling syndicate revealed

A significant amount of sugar and other products
consumed in the country are contraband products imported
via the Kismayu port and smuggled in through the porous Somalia
A study by a Danish think-tank shows how political, business,
bureaucratic and security interests in Somalia and Kenya are
fuelling the smuggling that threatens the country’s political and
economic stability.

It describes the smuggling as a “dangerous, lucrative and highly
political business.’’

It names a former governor and a leading politician from northern
Kenya as some of the top politicians involved in the trade.
There are at least 70 businessmen in Kismayu, Garissa and Nairobi
who operate lucrative rings that earn them millions of dollars a
In contrast to the sugar that comes in through Mombasa, which is
imported by licensed traders, the one from Somalia is contraband
and is mostly from Brazil.
The smugglers have hundreds of trucks that operate between
Garissa and Kismayu.
On their way to Kismayu, they carry Kenyan food and consumer
goods and, on their way back, they are loaded with hundreds of
bags of contraband sugar and other goods.
The researchers spoke to a number of truck drivers on the frontline
of the smuggling.


They don’t pay tax,smuggle contraband, have a better banking system and usually connect their families aka nepotism.If they are that good why is Somali and north eastern doing poorly and their people always running into Kenya.


:joy: true im tired of that stupid narrative ati msomali hakulu haram ! yet they are one of the most corrupt buggers around


They are overrated we will revisit this ni hayo tu

This is horse shit