Somalis allowed to flood Kenya

Somalis hold Kenya’s economy.

But how come they cannot manage their country

I can’t wait for somali president in kenya inshalah

Your Babuon cant touch such matter kazi ni vitu zaufala.eti unga

Somali is more developed than Kenya. Despite war

More people, bigger market. Nice.

Hii imeenda,Kenya imeenda,the spitters will soon be roaming everywhere…

But Muslims have always been a large religious group in naija. They dominate most parts of northern Nigeria where most boko Haram come from

Extremely bad move…

Somalis and Mexicans wanaamabatana. Region ndio tofauti.

let them come. Kenya is a very deceptive country. Soon they will start partying like us

Mnapenda kusifia hawa washenzi people who smuggle goods and don’t pay taxes ndo mnawaita honest, smh

Kenya is a economic hardship country, unless the general economy improves they will come here and face the music.We have Kenyan Somalis in NEP wajir,mandera garissa who are languishing in poverty and are unable to control any economic sector.

I actually think this is a very good trait that they have. Their women are not hoes like nywele ngumus led by our very own shiny eyes. Remember, its women who decide who to fuk, not men. So, it speaks alot about Somali women. At least they aren’t hoes despite their poverty. Somali men fk nywele ngumu women like crazy but their women stay loyal. In my view, they are winners.

Expect more terror attacks

The Islamic influence is too strong and spreading southwards to the Yoruba and some Igbo. For example, their newest president is a Yoruba-Muslim something that was quite rare some 20 years ago.

They do bana, kwanza hapo doni

A good Somali is dead Somali ,even illiterate moi never opened borders for these swines /dogs . Somalians should be beaten to death by any sane military neighboring those dogs . We are finished

As a country we are heading in the worst direction ,afadhali moi