Somalis allowed to flood Kenya


One day kenya will be somali land. While shiney eye wanapata mtoto mmoja due to economic hardships nao walalo wanapata mitoto tisa per family. They are taking over slowly by slowly. Hawa wajamaa niliona wako na duka hadi mashinani. A place i never expected to see a walalo.

Am surprised kuna border

Expect terror and death upon the kuffar

Way to go.
Sitaki kubaguliwa. Kwa nini mimi nibague wengine???

Sijawai pata lanye msomali

The window for dealing with these guys already closed. They are now embedded in sensitive areas such that you cannot perform “radical surgery” without serious blowback. All that’s left is for their population to grow to a sizeable number. Then you’ll know exactly what they think of you.

These guys will finish us. Unless we wage a civil war against them. Msichokijua kitakuja kuwaramba

Wamebuy shamba zenyu zote

Why do we fear our neighbors. Provided they are within the law, no issue.

Wanachopigana nacho hawakijui, kitawaramba

Islamic caliphate is coming to kenya very soon. Even Somalia and all these Muslim majority countries were not always like that. Look at Nigeria; it has gotten to the point where you cannot win the presidency without first being Muslim. Then also most of our young people were not raised in the true Church the way the older generation was, so they lack the foundational principles of Christianity which makes them prime targets for Islamic satanic indoctrination.

Once they have political power they’ll not be as generous with it as nywele ngumu have been to them.

Shida ya Wasmo ni their uncouth behaviour, ushamba and unwillingness to share their women. Apart from that they are some of the best people to do business with- rarely into conning people and quick cash business.

wako eastleigh

Islam is the religion of Satan

Very correct elder. They are buying ANY land for sale

The only thing that needs to be done is to regulate the way they are acquiring properties around the place. Wewe huwezi nunua huko kwao lakini hapa unawaacha wanunue kiholela. They are welcome to live within the stipulated laws.

Yes sir, it’s scary isn’t it. When I found out that Allah was not just a fictional character but literally the satan of the Bible….It is grace to know the Lord Jesus in these times of deception like no other.

Wapi exactly?