Peter Kagwanja, who has pocketed millions from China for his consultancy work on Somalia, misled his wife, who in return misled the president, and now Monica is about to be fired.
Foreign policy should not be made in people’s bedrooms.
Kenya has suffered enough humiliation in Somalia

instead of headlining your thread as ‘Kenya’ you use ‘Somalia’

when will you ever learn to KEEP OFF ARAB AFFAIRS?

Misled president how?

Pres Uhuru appointing Kagwanja’s wife to such a critical post was a big blunder.
She had a bad working relationship with Amina now its the PS , a seasoned diplomat.

Bibi ya Kagwanja ndio nani ? ? ? Na huyu kagwanja ni jamaa wa Ruto mbaya.

Unfortunately ni kama humjui. Si mtu wa Ruto