Somalia wants maritime case with Kenya to proceed without delay

MOGADISHU, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) – The Somali government said Thursday it wants its case with Kenya on the maritime delimitation within the Indian Ocean to proceed without further delay.

Osman Dubbe, the information minister said Mogadishu has petitioned the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to reject Kenya’s request for the postponement of the case for the fourth time.

“We have rejected Kenya’s fourth request to the ICJ to postpone the two countries’ maritime case,” Dubbe told a news conference in Mogadishu.

“Justice delayed is justice denied. We should be set to head to the Hague court on the 15th of March come what may. Long live Somalia,” he added.

Oral arguments for the case were set to take place from March 15 to 19 at the ICJ which is the principal judicial organ of the UN.

Kenya reportedly wrote to the ICJ on Jan. 28 seeking a further postponement of the case, arguing one of the keymaps with crucial information that was set to be presented as evidence in the case has inexplicably vanished.

Nairobi has also cited lack of substantive government in Mogadishu since the current terms of both Parliament and President Mohamed Farmajo have expired as well as the COVID-19 pandemic as the reasons it wants the case postponed.

However, Dubbe said any postponement of the case would be another setback for international justice.

The dispute between the two neighboring countries is rooted in a disagreement over which direction the two countries’ border extends into the Indian Ocean.

Mogadishu argues that the maritime boundary should continue on in the same direction as the land border’s southeasterly path.

Nairobi, on its part, insists that the border should take a roughly 45-degree turn at the shoreline and run in a latitudinal line, giving Nairobi access to a larger chunk of the sea.

In August 2014, Somalia had approached the Court, requesting it to determine, on the basis of international law, the complete course of the single maritime boundary dividing all the maritime areas appertaining to Somalia and to Kenya in the Indian Ocean, including the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles. Enditem

Kenya reportedly wrote to the ICJ on Jan. 28 seeking a further postponement of the case, arguing one of the keymaps with crucial information that was set to be presented as evidence in the case has inexplicably vanished.

The useless corrupt Kenyan government knows Kenya has no case.

Uhuru is a weak president.

Somalia should naively wait for the lion of Sugoi to take over and he will deal with those ghaseers the easy way or the hard way.

Kenya should be made a province of the great nation of Somalia.

This is the 4th delay. What’s going on? Are lawyers quitting in every delay? Or does Kenya not have a strong case? If so is Kenya trying to take over somali towns near the border to claim Kenya’s “land” alignes with the maritime border?

Somali are confused and perplexed at the many turns of this case. Na bado. The usa is deploying its ship at Lamu waters to join Kenya Navy in putting a cordon around the greater current oceanic border of Kenya-Somali. Manda Bay usa base is being expanded for intelligence gathering, drone strike base and special forces troops of both nations deployment.

Qatar which is the main funding nation for somali government has been given Lamu oil blocks for exploration. Somali has to take on Qatar as well over the border dispute and risk funding from its main source who also doesn’t ask for much accountability of the funds usage. Then they are seeing the strings being sprung in ICC to our command. Since the Kenyan cases in ICC they don’t want to entangle themselves with us again. We nearly broke that court irreparably.

The current border demarcation will remain as is, any change from the 180% parellel line will mean oceanic border disputes all the way up to South Africa on both sides of the continent sparking a dozen new disputes that can go to war and conflict.

This thread is full of alshabaab terrorists @cid fanya mambo

When a whole local administration sits down and decides its citizens shouldn’t plant maize, not giving them alternative or factoring in how much inputs farmers have placed in anticipation for the rains, is it a surprise we can’t pull a case with Somalia?

Kenya should have stuck to its guns, deploy navy and thrash any hostile elements therein without her express permission. Hii ujinga ya ICC sijui tulienda kufanya nini huko knowing well we don’t intend to argue it out. What’s the meaning of “key maps” disappearing? Utter BS.

Same way govt is run tu…

Kenya inatamani resources za neighbors wake, lakini kenya itaambulia patupu.

Kenya has a point, otherwise our southern border must cut downwards to Tanzania opening another nonsensical dispute. Its our baby glove policy that irks, makes neighbours bossy unless foreigners get caught in the fray

Those Kenyans trashing Kenya on this issue should reexamine their faculties. Arthi haipatikani kirahisi na kwa hivyo huwezi kuiachilia kirahisi hivi hivi! Damu humwagika kwa sababu ya arthi be it on international level between nations or on localised level between neighbouring individuals. So, to acquire more territories or in order to defend and retain what you already have, you employ any manner of tactics, legal or illegal, kun faya kun!

You overate Somalia, this is exactly why we lost migingo and ilemi triangle. Yaani a country of pushovers…bure kabisa, ata hii if we aint careful its going. Why? The military wanakaziwa to do their job which by the way are ready to execute.

Kuwa mwepesi wa kuelewa kaka. As at now, whatever Somalia is claiming, is owned by Kenya til the Court decides otherwise. Wacha kurukia jambo kiholela kama baiskeli ya wizi.
Hivi wewe ni mkenya na waichukia nchi yako?

Kenyans are the definition of pathological low IQ liars, According to The Daily Nation

Kenya’s argument is based on the parallel of latitude as the maritime boundary. Kenya’s case is that a boundary along the parallel of latitude has developed through the consent of Somalia since 1979.

this is baseless lies.

The governments of Somalia and Kenya did not agree on a maritime boundary following a parallel of latitude in 1979, However, Kenya 1972 Territorial Waters Act, as revised in 1977 and 1989, Kenya claimed as the territorial sea boundary with Somalia “a median line every point of which is equidistant from the nearest points on the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial waters” are measured,

Kenya’s 1989 Maritime Zones Act reiterated the position stated in the 1972 Territorial Waters Act and provided that the territorial sea boundary shall be defined by means of an equidistant line. Specifically, paragraph 3 (4) of the 1989 Maritime Zones Act stated that Kenya’s territorial waters “extend to every point of which is equidistant from the nearest points on the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial waters of each of the respective states is measured”.

Here’s the undeniable evidence.
Kenya 1972 Territorial Waters Act, as revised in 1977

Kenya’s 1989 Maritime Zones Act

As explained above, from at least 1972 Kenya’s legislation expressly recognised an equidistance boundary line between Somalia and Kenya and the Kenyan legislature expressly reaffirmed the existence of an “equidistant” boundary in 1989.

sawa baba, continue owning, nchi yangu ikitamani mali ya wizi sitakubaliana nayo. ata mtoto wangu akitamani vitu za neighbor tutakosana

Na Arror akitamani shamba za Konyagi utasemaje?

But currently, whatever Somali is disputing is Kenyan territory. Si eti its Somali territory and Kenya inatamani.

endeni mchimbe mafuta na natural gas basi, sio kupiga kelele kila siku.

Arror is not above the law.

@Aspects Kenya may not get those oil blocks but I can assure you, neither will Somalia. Those resources belong to people half the world away and they’re prepared to bomb the shit out of you to get what they want. Kenya is just a proxy in this dispute. The real perpetrators are the neo colonialist powers that pull the strings to make the puppet dance. You guys are new to this game so you’re hot blooded talking about laws and rights and lies and principles, soon you will learn those things don’t matter when it comes to mineral deposits. The rest of Africa knows control of our resources rests in the hands of old white men who sit on boards of companies like ExxonMobil. But hey maybe things will be different for you “arabs”. Best of luck fighting guys who have been playing this game since the 1600s.