Somalia to deploy Turkish made TB2 barayktar in kenyan border

Somalia Government to pass a motion to expell kenyan fufu soldiers from the amisom after arguing its case in todays igad meeting and instead turkish trained Somali command unit gorgor (eagles) to be deployed with 1500 turkish commando and special forces.

The deadly TB2 bayraktar drones will be deployed also. I would like to kenyan fufus learning how to fly after being hit by the TB2 :smiley:

Somalia is just a piece of shit country tbh.

Picking a fight they cannot possibly win.

Kenyan has the most coward army in the world lol even americans said kenyan soldiers were hiding in the grass when rag tag alshabab attacked lol

how can you withstand Turkish trained with Turkish technology and Turkish commandos :D:D mr ugali

Did he say Kenyan army are going to fight Turkish trained commandos in Somalia?
Why do you want to be a dïck? Na mbona unacheka?


I see you are struggling to comprehend simple English sentence. But hey mate i will take you through: I said Somali commandos and Turkish special forces are being planned to replace the Kenyan fufu soldiers in the amisom.

and they will stretch through out the border

This guys will clean the kenyan fufus easily if al-Shabaab rag tag militias could ran over the kenyan fufus



Finally some task for KDF to step up, temporarily halting the charcoal commerce!! Let’s see the conflicts turns out

They kenyan fufus will learn how to fly with TB2 drones and get smoked on the ground by commandos



if you see that red statement just know you are dealing with a fool who thinks they will concur the world and establish one large somali shithole,they are allover youtube

Not me who said it… the americans in manda bay saw how kenyan fufus were hiding in the grass as rag tag al shabaab attacked

we also saw how your soldiers were in Westgate lol

Kabisa, looks like paid Al Shabaab propaganda hires on here to push the Somalia agenda but kwa ground vitu ni different sana.

Hawa woria nataka nini…

Kumbe ni trolls. Do not feed the troll

These somalis are really race-subservient. The way they glorify the Turkish.

To Kenya Somali is like a 10 year old boy. Somali is not even worth wasting our time over if they choose to go left.

We shall flatten Shithole Somalia in two days