Somalia receives 12 new armored vehicles to finish off Al shabab


AL shabab can’t use mines and roadside bombs on these because these vehicles are resistant to them proven in Syria.

@Bingwa Scrotum wewe na konokono zenu mtaona moshi
Msito putin anaTwanga zoomalia na turkey …s400 hamutumui

You might have a point there. Somalia was in deed a socialist state and Putin won’t allow them to just slide off in to democracy just like that. Kind of explains America’s keen interest on Somalia in the early 90s.

Siad Barre was removed in 1991 the same year the USSR was dissolved and communism “ended” in quotes.

Judging by the speed with which those photos were removed somebody somewhere did NOT like your post.

Hizo vitu zinakaa kumeza 20 litres za diesel ukipiga tu start. Itafika time zitaekwa parking.

Siku hizi ni mighty Russian federation boss

They were close up pictures of the vehicles and an aerial photo of the vehicles in line. Not sure why the mods removed them.

Putin ni KGB to the very end!! He bleeds soviet red.