Stupid cockroaches who would rather kiss-ass Arabic nonsense than use that energy to build their Zoomalia

You’d think they’d be more concerned about where their next meal will come from.

they own the biggest airlines in kenya and control the trucking and fuel business in kenya, no. 2 to white foreigners. the own all the skyscrapers in Nyali and Tudor. those cockroaches have their own headquarters in kenya at Eastleigh, where they control commerce.

Allaaaaklaaaabaaaar. Boom!

This post is referring to the Somalia nation and not the Somali community.

But apparently they could not run or manage their own country. Useless!

my fren’ somalia has been destabilised by external forces, na kenya haiko immune kwa io pia. mkicheza mnaeza kuwa kama wao. before 07 mlikua mnafikiria mko wazuri sana kuliko watu wengine, si mliuwana wenyewe kwa wenyewe? hamko immune, msichele somalia, coastline yao refu ni threat kwa biashara za bandari za uarabuni, ndio maana saudia wanasponsor alshabaab. wao ni victims wa wenye wivu, sio eti ni kupenda kwao.
msomali akipata amani atacolonise east africa mzima, vile wamecolonise nairobi, hatua kwa hatua. kesho utafuel kwa msomali ama mzungu.

Sich a cockroach who allows itself to be manipulated by external forces for more than 30 years is a low IQ creature. Stop overrating them. What you’re simply saying is that they cannot rule or manage themselves unless they live under other people’s leadership structures.

Wacha pang’ang’a mingi sani. If they were as great as you make them sound then they’d easily overcome these small issues.

Idiots. and the worst is you hear them wanting to carryout revenge attacks on Kenyans in defence of their prophet who is apparently powerful but has to be defended by puny humans. I think they are too sensitive and need to be desensitized by making the offensive caricatures a common feature

well atleast they have the luxury/time to protest thanks to kdf liberation …before we went there they were dodging shit and bullets

You just described the whole of Africa… The only difference is that Somalis are not docile and submissive like other Africans.

Okay, to be fair, if there is a hierarchy of some sort, then Somalis are at the very bottom.

Depends on what that hierarchy is made of… Somalis are probably the least docile and submisive in Africa. If Africa would to be colonised you would expect zoomalis to continue fighting till the last man, organising attacks against their colonisers till they get enough, while many africans would just accept their role and become submisive. When U.S attacked Africa it was against zoomalia, and they were so ruthless that U.S changed its African policy.

This is how they dealt with the jungus… Imagine anything similar in other african countries like Kenya where they worship jungus…

These are Kenyans:


Turkey is Somalia’s biggest ‘ally’.
So where Turkey goes, Somalia follows.

At the heart of this fracas, it is France vs Turkey.

That’s besides the point. In fact, the reason Somalia is a shithole is because of their blind wild-dog type of aggressive culture. If you speak one language, have one religion, belong to one ethnic group/race, and still can’t grasp the basics of statecraft, then there is something inherently wrong. No respect!

Again it doesn’t refute what i said… They are not docile which is the reason they wouldn’t be colonised, or make good slaves like many other africans did and still do today.

Somalis are cockroaches