Somalia kenya maritime dispute

Any updates ? Who won ?

We won

Somalia won. Kenya has no say in regional politics. Magufuli does not respect Nairobi. Museveni has no time for Kenya. Kagame has no time for Kenya.

Only Felix of Congo listens to Uhuru and Raila.

Am sure they will start listening to Kenya once we install Dr. Mwizi as president.

That means kenya is officially a landlocked nation

Post a link that says Somalia won

Why are you taking ‘we’ said by a Kenyan to mean Somalia :D:D:D

Aren’t you somalian lol

Arab of somali origin going by a Kenyan nationality

Am also wondering

what method has somalia used with their neihbour djibouti or is it eritrea…?. na i wonder how moi , kibaki or jomo kenyatta would have dealt with this issue…

yep even Ethiopia despite all the fightings, it has capacity to manufacture covid vaccine but Kenya hatuna, we’ve to wait till mid next year after all countries have had enough for their citizens

Ethiopia manufacturing vaccines ? They don’t have the technical know-how, unless they are doing it in collaboration with another country like India or China.
How the fuck are you guys over hyping Ethiopia this much? Just like Kenya, Ethiopia is just another third world sh!thole. Infact they are doing worse than Kenya in many metrics.

boss endelea ku hate on Ethiopia.

“There are also concerns African countries lack the capacity to manufacture the vaccines they need and depending on importation for vaccine access is not feasible especially if there is a need for cold storage. The vaccine manufacturing industry in the continent is nascent with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing capacity potential in Tunisia, Ethiopia Senegal, Egypt, and South Africa.”

propaganda everywhere

Kenya managed to pull some strings,the case was postponed to March 2021 when the Somalian judge heading the case will have retired.We also managed to win UNSC seat to try and influence the judge replacement.Also,the government has just let corona numbers go up so that we shall seek another postponement to Dec 2021,then after elections.

Maybe the Ethiopian govt should start by giving it’s citizens a basic education first.



So RSA has the highest literacy rate on the continent? Yet its black population, like 90%, does not reason any better than that of South Sudan, a region that had almost NO formal education for decades.
Hence the xenophobia. Zuma can’t even pronounce his net worth, yaani, can’t count millions. Thinks a shower after sex prevents HIV…most of the Africans can’t speak any language other than their mother tongue fluently (it helps that there’s 11 national languages).
They welcome Chinese, Indians and Europeans, in fact the eastern Europe mafia is very visible in Cape Town. But can’t welcome their black neighbors, eti ‘makwerekwere.’ Foreigners! SMH.

What does literacy have to do with immigration?
Zuma is a leader in SA just like sonko here you and most Kenyans cant even speak the mothertongue fluently

dont blame the people…wamekaliwa kivyao