Somalia banae.

I thought that was very obvious.

For the first time I agree with you. Kumbe unakuwaga na akili ukiwuacha kulamba matako ya JSKSLMMNMT. A chaotic Somalia is better for kenya both politically and economically.

Also when there is chaos in Somalia it means all their billions, including those from somali diaspora, are invested in kenya further developing kenya and creating employment in kenya.

Hakuna kitu kaa maobi mungich. Mna survive and going about your daily lives and business without a care like any normal society because unprecedented level of efforts are made to keep you safe by state security agencies with direct assistance, coordination and supervision by big brother. In fact they run our national security and are on record bragging on leaked cables that without them (the American’s); Kenya would be overwhelmed and overrun by Islamic militant ideology and terror attacks in no time. We are constantly under terror threats make no mistake about that. It’s just with some of the world top intelligence agencies operating here; intel is gathered, shared (on a need to know basis) and acted upon accordingly. Their plans are detected and disrupted, threats neutralised, bombs intercepted, covert and overt operations undertaken within and across borders by various spec ops units trained (overseas), funded and equipped by these external agencies and operating directly and exclusively for them unless with permission or incase of a national security threat but are otherwise not engaged in missions other than those from their foreign handler’s. Those are the niggers keeping u sorry ass safe … bruh

Whatever I say kwa hii village is always based on raw intelligence and wisdom:D:D

I can see you have the potential of becoming wise like @sani. All is not lost.

Say no more elder

Maghasia zinamalizana kwao halafu zinaanza kuja kuitisha leadership positions hapa Kenya…Makafir kabisa

I am now fully scared!

some of you elders are victims of some misinformation.

i have been wanking on anything written about somalia and i have noticed the following:

if it is an academic paper by somali student,it is based on a few facts and here and there they lace it with innuendos.The story is the same on their social media/blogs etc

the biggest threat somalia offers to kenya and the region is irredentism and an islamic state.Outside those two its just hot air.

about ports,yes somalia has a long coastline,it then needs roads and railways to link her with the hinterland of africa,so far non is there and she will need to talk to her neighbours.

about somali money in kenya,its not like they control the they dont.

somalia economy has never been larger than kenyan economy even before the facts.

in my opinion considering what i read yesterday,somalia is experiencing an identity crisis,clan wars,clinging to dying cultures etc.If she is ever to know peace,she must be ready to let go some things.

Such good neighbors you folks are

Dream yangu ni kufika brothel ya Mogadishu

What do you mean Ruto is the most pro American president in our history

Without strong neighbours we will never become a great country. We have to beg the West to buy our raw materials at throw away prices for us to make some money at least with rich neighbours we can do good business

Tanzania has all that with a large population. Should we wish them bad also?

Our coward leaders do what they are told. they dont have a plan of their own

Ruto even copied bottom up from the democrats

When Somalia’s army was powerful they dint attack us. they opted to attack Ethiopia because it was an east vs west sponsored war masked as an expansionist agenda. Our enemy is not in Africa

It is more complex than you’re willing to accept.

There is a reason Americans are always watchful of the countries such as Russia and China. In geopolitics, some nations must be kept down for others to succeed.

They took us to court for indian ocean maritime boundaries.

Some of there leaders sponsor alshabaab.

Its really not about the country but the leader in place.

Now imagine Somalia was a strong country with Farmaajo. Tungeona moto