Somalia banae.

The skinny malnourished Somali ghaseers have done what they are good at. The fools have no moral authority to brag about leadership.
Alkebab have killed more than a hundred innocent lives.
That country should be divided among the waring clans. Wakae kivyao. How long will this continue.
Religion of peace is a scam Tupu.[ATTACH=full]475357[/ATTACH]

Coming soon to Kenya.

I know, I know I’m not the one to ongeza chumvi for my personate dislike of the skinnies, but I am FULLY convinced this snd subsequent “terror attacks”, which ONLY America seems to know before hand, always happens when something major has happened, is about to happen or has already happened.

  1. The corporate dems are still not very happy with Kenyas choice in wsr…you had to be purnished. And it’s coming!!
  2. The killing of the Ethiopian Somali (American citizen from Lewistone, Maine) in Jijiga ( ogaden) is another indicator mûthûngû is not happy of thing’s on the ground.
    Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria have been tirelessly trying to broker a peace deal between Addis and the shitty sad tigray spirits of TPLF who are American funded.
    The killing in Jijiga of the young sonali mp, SA reaciving news on an impending terrorist strike in SA all indicates Washingtons dissatisfaction with the LOCAL efforts of creation of peace and unity.

Down with American sponsored terrorism
Shetani ashindwe

I also see it coming.

Will there ever be peace in zoomalia? Since Siad Barre was kicked out of power in 1991, the country has been burning. In one way of another this will always affect us.

True, I think that is the quickest path to stability in the region. At least Uhunye recognized Somaliland efforts to move forward independently. Forcing them to remain in Somalia is taking them backwards. The remaining region should be parceled kila mtu akae na amani

Likes of alkebab thrive in disorder and chaos

Unfortunately yes…
I don’t know but an ideal feasible solution going forward, say the next 200 years, in order to fostering peace and stability in the entire region maybe a fusion of all the 24 countries into a major federal state with the presidency rotating every 3years from each “federal state”.
This will also create a huge economic block, industrial and military power to recon with. Sasa tu ni shida in the various mud mad houses and we too weak and easily compromised to submission.

Elder temeni hio mate. Tuna survive juu ya maobi.

Sioni shida those skinnies wakiuwana. Those mofos, whether in Kenya or Somalia don’t like Kenyans. So wamalizane tu kabisa.

Secondly, if Somalia was to be peaceful, those mofos watatusumbua sana. Juzi wamepata peace kodogo washaanza kuclaim some Kenyan territories mpaka wanatupeleka ICJ.

May peace NEVER reign in that barren nation.

Thieving kalejinga si your master conman 1 aneweka Duale defence. Giving al shabab direct access to Kenya.

It is your role as the opposition to fight that. What have you done so far?

Why us conman 1 leading Kenya into the hands of terrorists?

Smartmatic ni mali ya Democrats. GMO ni mali ya Democrats na WEF.

Ruto is also talking about the Climate agenda every day in line with Democrat principles of green energy and electric cars. Ruto is very much the American choice.


They said huyu ndio hawataki. They came for his kids at Westgate.




Even Kenya is not interested in a united Somalia but maybe iko in hush tones among the top secret agendas

A united Somalia is a threat to Kenya’s dominance as the East African powerhouse.

They have the largest coastline in the region, they have gas and maybe oil deposits. They have a bit of uranium etc

They’ll still rely on Kenya for things like basic manufactured goods, telecoms, supermarkets, universities, banking Equity Coop, cement, bidco , tusker beer etc.

All East African countries rely on Kenya for one thing or the other. If you watch a video on any country e.g Kampala on every street you will see a Kenyan product of company. There are Kenyan companies that have more or less shifted to places like Rwanda and they are making a killing there.

Kenyan hotels on that Somali coastline. I’m sure kenyan wahindis are already in Somalia striking deals as…

Besides the usual power retention/clout/validity/acceptance of WrS needs and modes to gain “the need”, what else is he about?
Can he even protect you from the CIA funded al shebab ?

Climate agenda is a corporate agenda when they just threatened., only to see the threat through by blowing up the nordstream1 comitting one of the greatest atrocious environmental crime since Exxon Valdez and you still have the audacity?
You chewing more than a mouthful mate…

Hapa Kenya ingecheza chess kidogo. Be among the first to recognize somaliland and the other breakaway states. Have the entire region stabilized by the breakaway states. Be the primary trade and development partner for each of them and get preferential access to resources. Everyone benefits.

In the 1960s, the Somalia army was very powerful. In addition, they had an expansionist agenda of having a greater somalia which could mean that NFD in Kenya and ogaden in Ethiopia were to be somali region.

Jomo Kenyatta had to strike q pact with Ethiopia that if any of the 2 countries were attacked, the other would assist.

Fast forward, if Somali were ever to be stable, Kenya would suffer abit.

Imagine if Somali built a bigger better port in mogadishu, because wako kwa trading lines.

Fishing na tourism because of their coast lines.

In addition, the kenyan somalis have a vast network and investment in Nairobi. Therefore, if somali wanted to do some subversion they would have an excellent intelligence network because most kenyan somalis would identify with somali than kenya.

A united somali will never be supported by kenya