Somalia and Somalians

F*ck zoomalis and their shithole country. These inbreds are some of the hateful people to occupy Africa and hate Africans (They will tell you themselves they are not africans.). They abuse Somali Bantus and look down on them while they are all over african countries, because of their shithole zoomalia, and we welcome them. In Kenya zoomalis are over 2.5 Million and are expected by 2027 to be among top two ethnic communities by Population in Kenya. There needs to be taken any necesary action to prevent this and send these inbreds back to zoomalia and hopefully in exchange of bantu somalis whom are persecuted. Let them have their shithole while us africans have ours.


Jareeer kani ulitombewa bibi

Stfu jaréér

I heard they marry their sisters

Before the restrictions,Somalis were dying in large numbers
Uhuru should open up mosques but not churches

Hopefully 399,990 Somalis will die by November

You have a point but your language is a bit too harsh.

Vitu wewe hupost zinaonyesha hauna akili. Those Somalis won’t come into contact with other people who are not Somalis? And there are other Muslims who are not Somalis moron.

Go to zoomali forums and read what they say about africans, its no different if you go on websites of jungus that specializes of hating africans. There is no better justification that to kick these inbreds zoomalis from african peoples countries back to their shithole.

@Slave 0wner @Adidas Juu Chini

Go back to your shithole zoomalia you inbred zoomali wayiya abdis. Why are you even in an african forum, go to a zoomali forum where your brothers are and go back home and live happy with your inbred brothers.


I will from now on refer to you as Zoomali Abdi, and Zoomali Abdi, just that you know, you will be sent home back to Zoomalia eventually.

But Northeastern is their ancestral home

Not all zoomalians in kenya are from northeastern, a big part of them up to a million have fled their shithole to come to kenya, like 500 000 zoomalians in kenya are refugees. Somali Bantus have their ancestral home in southern somalia where they are farmers and are killed and driven from their homes everyday by these zoomalis. There should be a swap for these zoomalis where somali bantus in southern somalia can be swapped for zoomalis in in northeast kenya. They can have their shithole for themselves then without africans and africans can live without them.

That looks to messy and impossible

That which is possible must be atleast done, like sending home somali refugees.

If only the black Kenyan citizens could unite to kick out the wariahs from inland Kenya, it would be good for the country.

Home to which country? And what have they done that warrants all the hate?

What have they done?

Home to zoomalia… Or where do you think zomali refugees are from? And if you dont know the hate zoomalis have for africans then too bad.