Somali Women loves Amison solders

We should open a brothel somewhere in Africa where we buy and sell somali girls looll

Like this one?

:D:D:D…i always say if you going to criticize someone then at least use good grammar

This always happens in any soldier, war torn areas. That’s why it’s always said, women and children suffer most during wars and instabilities.

Wait the day a female relative of yours is raped, we see if you’ll keep these careless remarks.

hama somalia fake arab.

I wouldn’t call it "rape " since the solders are PAYING these women’s

Some of these somalis have juicy asses… I would be tempted too…

This thread title is hugely misleading …nimeamua kusoma hiyo link and its all about RAPE na hapa unaandika "women love soldiers "
@Noel2019 wewe ni nguruwe

The story doesn’t sound right, am guessing the women gave sex in exchange for something, maybe food, medical favours etc… obviously when the interviewer came, she wanted to look like a victim ; I however don’t support rape

That isn’t a solder nigga.It’s a soldering gun.

once you go black you never go back. acha wakule tarimbo

I have been to Amisom many times and interacted with commanders there.
One thing they told me they don’t allow any Somali in the barracks and if its treatment my friend back ground check huwa imefanywa.
Back in the days they used to be hit because some would infiltrate and gather intelligence.
What I know amisom women shag their male counterparts.

@Noel2019 kudos