Somali Translators - Urgent Recruitment

Hello People hope you are well

I need 7 educated Somali Translators, guys who understand content and can translate efficiently.

This is a full-time job with good payment and perks.

If you are that candidate kindly send CV only to [email protected].


Translators or Interpreters?? How much dollars an hour?

Translators, oral and written.
To be discussed and negotiated depending on educational level and experiences.

Nayo nayo

Kwani wewe ni A- in 1994 A.D?

Nope. But I got some Somali friends idling around.

Learnt kisomali tu ndio tujue wakitangia. Tuma vijana wanukishe kitunguu

Fiti shawapea mail

There’s a guy I know who works for BBC…